College Basketball Betting

College Basketball takes over the U.S when the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Basketball Tournament, or ‘March Madness’, happens.

The tournament starts with 64 teams and most of America filling out brackets to predict the outcome. It ends with the Sweet Sixteen, the Elite Eight and then the Final Four at a neutral site where the national champion school is crowned. Epic entertainment every year.

College hoops gets under way in November, and there are games to bet on pretty much every day until March Madness completes.

Is betting on College Basketball legal?

You can bet on College Basketball – assuming gambling on sports is now legal in the state you’re in. Since 2018 states can decide whether they want to make sports betting legal.

Many states have gone ahead and legalized sports betting. Some allow land-based sportsbooks while some also allow online and mobile betting. Some states have yet to finalize their legislation but that will change soon eough.

It’s important to remember that you cannot bet on every single college basketball matchup in every state, even if it’s legal. Many states have special rules on college sports, meaning you can’t bet on games featuring local schools.

Our state-by-state guides keep you right on top of which college basketball games you can bet on, and more importantly where. It’s a situation which is changing fast with state after state looking to get involved.

College Basketball lines

College Basketball lines tell you what the current odds are for upcoming games. The lines are posted by sportsbooks.

You should always keep a handle on the lines – they can change in the countdown to a game. Example, if a star player gets hurt, it will affect the line.

The two main bets in College Basketball lines are the money line and the point spread. More of those later…

Even though betting is legal in many states now, Vegas lines are still respected due to the town’s long gambling heritage.

College Basketball picks

If you’re new to betting on College Basketball, checking out some expert picks is a smart move. They’re often free and give great hints on what you should bet on.

Some experts pick straight up on the money line, others bet against the spread. Check out their record for the season to see how good their intel is.

College Basketball money line

If you bet the money line in college hoops, you are betting on a team to win the game.

Sportsbooks will give odds about the two teams – the favorite normally has a negative number, the underdog generally has a positive number.

Example: Duke is playing Villanova. Duke is -140 and Villanova is +220

  • You bet Duke and it wins, you make $40 for every $100 you bet
  • You bet Villanova and it wins, you make $220 for every $100 you bet

College Basketball point spread

The point spread in college hoops is the expected difference between the teams – according to the sportsbooks. Favorite gets a handicap, underdog gets a start.

Example: North Carolina is playing Syracuse. North Carolina is -4.5, Syracuse is +4.5

Odds for most teams are set at -110 on spread bets (win $100 for every $110 bet) – it can vary at times so shop around for the value.

College Basketball over/under

If you bet the over/under in College Basketball, you’re wagering on whether there will be more or less points in the game than the sportsbook thinks.

Example: Georgetown is playing Michigan States and the over/under line is 127.5

  • You bet the over, you win if there are 128 or more total points
  • You bet the under, you win if there are 127 total points or fewer

The odds for over/under bets are normally -110 (bet $110 to win $100) but they can vary. Again, shop for the value.

College Basketball prop bets

If you want a more exotic wager than just the money line or the point spread, proposition bets (props) are an awesome way to add spice.

These can be about almost anything, from how many points a player will score to how many points a team will score in a half (remember NCAAB has 2 x 20-minute halves, not quarters like the NBA).

If you’re watching a game on TV, props are a super way to add interest to what is happening on the court.

College Basketball public betting

Public betting is a great guide for anybody wanting to gamble on College Basketball.

Check out the percentages for the number of bets to see how many people are betting on each team. The money percentages are a terrific guide to where the sharps and experts are putting their money.

If a team has a low bet percentage but a high money percentage then you know some serious bets are down.

College Basketball futures

The biggest futures bets in College Basketball are on the National Championship and March Madness. You can bet a year out on who will become the national champion.

You can also bet on the conference championships and on how far a team will go in March Madness.

The NBA Draft, held in June, is a big date if you’re betting long-term on March Madness. You need to know which teams will lose star players to the pro game as it will affect their chances next season. And their odds.

Does overtime count in College Basketball bets?

Overtime scoring does count for most bets in College Basketball, but not all. Check out your sportsbook’s rules before betting. You need to know what you’re getting into.

Best College Basketball betting: Which sportsbooks should I bet with?

There are a stack of options if you want to bet on College Basketball – you should 100 percent shop around before putting your cash down.

Our online betting guides and reviews give you a pretty good take on the sportsbooks currently out there. Some carry terrific sign-up offers for new players, including big free bet bounties. Jump on them.

You can open accounts with multiple sportsbooks, and then shop around for the best odds.