Super Bowl Coin Toss: Results, history, latest odds

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The Super Bowl coin toss is one of the most popular prop bets around the biggest football game on earth.

It may be the ultimate 50-50 bet and have no interest for many, but online bookmakers have made big business out of allowing bettors to wager on the outcome.

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All eyes will again be on that famous coin shortly before 6.30pm ET on Sunday February 13 as the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams wait to find out which side it will fall ahead of kickoff in Super Bowl VLI at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California.

Coin Toss Results

There have been 55 Super Bowls played so far, and the results – as you’d expect are pretty close for a 50-50 outcome. Tails has been the outcome on 29 occasions with Heads accounting for 26 games.

In terms of the outcome of the actual game, 31 teams have lost the game after winning the coin toss. In each of the last seven Super Bowls, the team winning the toss has gone on to lose the game.

The last team to win the coin toss and the Lombardi trophy was the Seattle Seahawks when they destroyed Peyton Manning and Denver by a score of 43-8 in Super Bowl XLVIII.

Here is a full rundown on Super Bowl coin toss results:

Super BowlCoin Toss ResultCoin Toss Won By (* denotes won game)
LVHeadsKansas City Chiefs
LIVTailsSan Francisco 49ers
LIIITailsLos Angeles Rams
LIIHeadsNew England Patriots
LITailsAtlanta Falcons
LTailsCarolina Panthers
XLIXTailsSeattle Seahawks
XLVIIITailsSeattle Seahawks*
XLVIIHeadsBaltimore Ravens*
XLVIHeadsNew England Patriots
XLVHeadsGreen Bay Packers*
XLIVHeadsNew Orleans Saints*
XLIIIHeadsArizona Cardinals
XLIITailsNew York Giants*
XLIHeadsChicago Bears
XLTailsSeattle Seahawks
XXXIXTailsPhiladelphia Eagles
XXXVIIITailsCarolina Panthers
XXXVIITailsTampa Bay Buccaneers*
XXXVIHeadsSt Louis Rams
XXXVTailsNew York Giants
XXXIVTailsSt Louis Rams*
XXXIIITailsAtlanta Falcons
XXXIITailsGreen Bay Packers
XXXIHeadsNew England Patriots
XXXTailsDallas Cowboys*
XXIXHeadsSan Francisco 49ers*
XXVIIITailsDallas Cowboys*
XXVIIHeadsBuffalo Bills
XXVIHeadsWashington Football Team*
XXVHeadsBuffalo Bills
XXIVHeadsDenver Broncos
XXIIITailsSan Francisco 49ers*
XXIIHeadsWashington Football Team*
XXITailsDenver Broncos
XXTailsChicago Bears*
XIXTailsSan Francisco 49ers*
XVIIIHeadsLos Angeles Raiders*
XVIITailsMiami Dolphins
XVITailsSan Fransisco 49ers*
XVTailsPhiladelphia Eagles
XIVHeadsLos Angeles Rams
XIIIHeadsDallas Cowboys
XIIHeadsDallas Cowboys*
XITailsOakland Raiders*
XHeadsDallas Cowboys
IXTailsPittsburgh Steelers*
VIIIHeadsMiami Dolphins*
VIIHeadsMiami Dolphins*
VIHeadsMiami Dolphins
VTailsDallas Cowboys
IVTailsMinnesota Vikings
IIIHeadsNew York Jets*
IITailsOakland Raiders
IHeadsGreen Bay Packers*

Coin Toss Odds

Most sportsbooks offer pretty tight odds on the coin toss as they build in a guaranteed profit margin. So -103 for example, gives them a slight edge in terms of what the overall result will be.

You can though do better thanks to FOX Bet, who offer +100 on both Heads and Tails being the outcome.

Should you bet on the coin toss?

We have no issues with you placing a small wager, but remember, this is an absolute pick em 50/50 shot and there is no prior to give you hints. It’s a fun bet, nothing more and nothing less. Do not go overboard.