Mayweather vs Logan Paul: The odds and the fight

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul

Most of those sportsbooks anticipating massive business when Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul was first announced ended up with nothing – no winner, no odds and almost all bets were officially off.

Only bet365 of the major online bookmakers offered a money line on the big ‘fight’ on June 6, 2021 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. Its opening line of -1600 Floyd and -700 Logan changed to -700 Floyd and -400 Logan by the time fight night arrived.

When the rules for the bout were revealed days before the bout, a lot of people hoping to win cash betting on it got some bad news:

  • 8 x 3-minute rounds as expected
  • 10oz gloves for both fighters
  • No headgear
  • No judges
  • No official winner
  • Knockouts allowed, at the discretion of the referee

Prizefights between highly-skilled superstars are now being overtaken by “novelty shows” which feature YouTubers settling beefs to make millions. And here we had a YouTuber fighting one of the greatest boxers ever.

Now aged 44, Mayweather Jr has a perfect 50-0 professional record, but he signed up to fight a guy who was a total novice. One fight (and one defeat) into his paid career. And that against ‘coughs’ a fellow YouTuber.

These YouTubers know how to sell a fight though – Logan’s brother Jake recently racked up 1.5million buys ($75million revenue) for his one-round demolition of former MMA star and current ‘dadbod’ Ben Askren.

While your faithful boxing analyst Stryker wrote this while laughing like he just inhaled something illegal, OddsCritic did its duty to chart the mayhem from from start to finish.

Mayweather vs Logan Paul Odds

Stryker had rounded up every last cent he could find to bet Mayweather. But then his world caved in when the rules for this fight were announced. No official winner?

Bet365 still offered -700 Floyd and +400 Logan, while the betting landscape got another grim wrinkle when offshore operator Betonline offered a line on WHERE LOGAN PAUL WILL BLEED FROM. WTAF – use of caps totally intended.

Mayweather vs Logan Paul results & scorecards

The fight between TBE and YouTuber went the full eight rounds (to no surprise from Stryker).

‘Money’ duly carried his overmatched opponent who duly tried to knock his head off. And failed.

As for the result – as we said there wasn’t one. No scorecards either. Grim stuff.

We did get the normal Compubox stats after the fight which at least told us how many punches each had landed. Floyd hit home with an underwhelming 43 over the eight rounds, while Paul managed somewhow to connect with a part of Mayweather 28 times.

But we can confirm it happened, and both men emerged from 24 minutes of madness pretty much unscathed.

Date, venue and TV details

Mayweather vs Logan Paul took place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on Sunday June 6, 2021.

It was a pay-per-view on Showtime, with the price set at $49.99.

As yet, there are no official figures on how many buys or revenue the fight produced. We’ll update as soon as they are public.

Why did Mayweather fight Logan Paul?

It’s pretty easy folks, just look at his nickname. ‘Money’ May didn’t get that moniker without driving about a billion dollars in PPV revenues during his legendary career.

Floyd saw the showdown with Paul as “a monster event” and he wasn’t wrong. Hell, if Jake Paul vs Ben Askren can do 1.5million buys anything is possible.

Mayweather remember managed to rack up 4.4million buys as he carried UFC star Conor McGregor through 10 laughable rounds in 2017, before finally dishing out a KO to the mouthy Irishman.

The other factor that was sort of forgotten here – Floyd’s ‘0’. While Logan Paul had fought as a pro, this bout was an exhibition with no official winner and loser. As such Floyd couldn’t lose that unbeaten record he built and protected so proudly. He always did play the percentages…

What were the rules for Mayweather vs Logan Paul?

Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Logan Paul was an exhibition bout over eight x three-minute rounds.

There was a huge weight differential between the two men. Officially Logan could not weigh more than 190lbs, while Floyd could not weigh more than 160.

Even that was a smokescreen. Floyd spent most of the latter part of his career at 147lbs dominating the welterweight world. And the only times he weighed in 150 or more – against Oscar De La Hoya in 2007 and ‘Canelo’ Alvarez in 2013 – he still actually came into the ring lighter on fight night.

Like we said, the crucial bit here was no judges and no official winner. But knockouts could have been scored – at the discretion of the referee. Both men wore 10oz gloves and there were no headguards.

Mayweather vs Logan Paul weights

The weigh-in took place Saturday June 5, 2021 in Miami and Paul tipped the scales at 189.5lbs. Mayweather meanwhile came in at 155lbs. Just the 34lbs between them then…

Did Logan Paul have a chance to beat Mayweather?

Stryker was now laughing a lot. A 50-0 all-time great against an 0-1 YouTuber? Do us a favor and get real.

We did expect the bout to go a few rounds at the very least so no surprises with the end result.

Floyd is good at carrying his opponents to give PPV viewers their money worth. He did it beautifully against McGregor and followed the same plan perfectly here. As he said, this was “legalized bank robbery”.

Is Logan Paul a professional boxer?

Yes and no is the answer here. Yes he has fought professionally but we are using the term pretty loosely.

He has only fought once in the paid ranks – against UK YouTuber KSI. That sold out Staples Center in Los Angeles in November 2019 and produced a huge audience for streaming platform DAZN.

Paul duly lost the bout but came out significantly richer. To put this into context, we had WBO world super-middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders fighting ON THE UNDERCARD…

Logan had earlier fought KSI in an amateur bout in Manchester, England, in August 2018. That ended in a majority draw.

How much money did Mayweather make?

The Mayweather vs Logan Paul pay-per-view reportedly netted around 1million buys for Showtime – at the price point of $49.99 that nets out at around $50million in total revenues.

Multiple reports suggest Mayweather was guaranteed $10million plus 50% of the pay-per-view take – which would put his overall purse at $35million.

Logan Paul meanwhile was reportedly given a guarantee of $250,000 plus 10% of pay-per-view revenue. That would see him earning north of $5million in total.

So, nice numbers but not quite the heady days of those 4million-plus buy bonanzas that Mayweather enjoyed against Manny Pacquiao in 2015 and Conor McGregor in 2017.

Inside Mayweather vs Paul

Never change, Floyd. Ever.

Episode 1 of the Showtime “Inside Mayweather vs Paul” doc series truly put strip into the Strip…

We started off with ‘Money’ promoting not his boxing career, but his Las Vegas strip joint. More booty than boxing, and the self-styled TBE ‘makin it rain’. Five minutes later he was holding his grandson (yep, Floyd is now officially a fightin’ Grandpa) and saying what a family man he is. Go figure.

Once that nonsense was out of the way both men did their absolute best to give us reasons to tune in. The best quotes:

Logan Paul: “I’m a YouTuber for now. Ask me in 2 years and we’ll see what people address me as then.” Um, probably still Logan, probably still a YouTuber…

Logan again: “Sitting in this seat, saying I fully intend to beat the best boxer of this generation, people cannot compute, right? They hear that and they’re like ‘Oh, this kid’s a moron’.” Yep, definitely cannot compute. We’d never call anybody a moron tho

Floyd to Jake Paul after that ‘got your hat’ hilarity: “I ain’t nothing to play with. I’m not for the jokes, totally disrespectful. That’s why you ended up with two black eyes and your nose got f***ed up and your teeth got chipped. Keep f***ing with me, next time you’re gonna be in a neck brace.” Once he’s stopped laughing, Stryker is on his feet applauding here

Ok so that was the first 6 minutes. The remaining 23 were baffling to your faithful Stryker. Words like ‘shareability’ and ‘relatability’ bouncing around in his mind as Logan talked about how to make cash off of YouTube.

The only thing Stryker shares is winning picks, and the only thing he relates to is whisky. Officially tuned out.

Chad Johnson vs Brian Maxwell

If you thought Floyd vs Logan Paul was weird, we have news for you. It gets crazier.

Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocino), 43-year-old former NFL wide receiver, made his ‘boxing’ debut on the undercard Sunday at Hard Rock.

Johnson fought 33-year-old Brian Maxwell, who is described by organizers as “a versatile fighter’. Um, that’s one way of looking at it.

Maxwell’s resume is all about MMA (actually Bare Knuckle), we see no mention of boxing yet, and it’s not too pretty. A 2-2 record in BKFC, led off by a first-round TKO defeat.

Chad, as ever, was confident in his ability to surprise people, explaining: “I’m transitioning that flair you saw from me on the football field all into this sport.

“To me, my style is like Emanuel Augustus. Once I got those basic fundamentals down to a tee, I could add that trickery to my game.” Okay, Chad.

Former NFL superstar Chad Johnson makes his 'boxing' debut on the Mayweather vs Logan Paul undercard Sunday June 6 in Miami.
Former NFL superstar Chad Johnson makes his ‘boxing’ debut Sunday June 6 in Miami.

“I never thought about stepping in the ring. I never thought there would be an opportunity to do so. But I love boxing. I’m friends with every boxer out there because I love and study all of it. I didn’t expect anything like this to happen.

“When Floyd called, the first thing I wanted to know, was how much time I had to prepare. Once I knew that I had enough time that I could look like myself in there, I knew I could pull it off.”

Chad was put on the canvas in the four-rounder but he did survive to hopefully not fight another day. We just don’t want anybody getting hurt in this celebrity boxing craziness.

Again, as with the main event, no scorecards and no result.

Fighters vs YouTubers: Who is next?

Funny you should ask, it’s actually Logan Paul’s aforementioned little brother Jake Paul.

He has already inked a multi-fight deal with Showtime and will fight former UFC welterweight king Tyron Woodley in late August. And so it continues…