Reddit Sportsbook: A stellar betting forum

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If you’re new to betting there’s something you should know – it’s not just you vs the online bookmakers – and Reddit sportsbook is a perfect example.

The huge platform made up of online communities with its 52million daily (yes daily) users has its own thriving betting forum. This means you can join forces with fellow bettors in the United States and share info and picks with some of the smartest sports wagering minds out there.

Betting on sports should be fun, and winning and losing together is something that only adds to the enjoyment. Doing anything on your own is pretty miserable tbh. Lockdown should have told us all this…

r/sportsbook: The sports betting subreddit

The Reddit platform is made up of tons of subreddits – different areas which major on different topics. All are communities of Reddit users which anybody can join within reason.

The sports betting subreeddit is known as r/sportsbook, and once you sign up to join, there are a slew of gambling treats in store for you.

R/sportsbook has a ton of useful information about betting, but the thing we like most is the community and interaction. You can see what everybody is picking for the big upcoming games, and why.

This subreddit also carries plenty of general info and detail about players’ experiences using different sportsbooks.

No self-respecting online sportsbook wants to get on the wrong side of r/sportsbook – it’s a powerful voice.

The Wikis on r/sportsbook are also well worth checking out. They contain plenty of nuggets which can help you in your battle against the books.

Reddit Sportsbook pick of the day

Everybody loves a pick thread, and ‘pick of the day’ is one of the premier examples on r/sportsbook.

Anbody who is a member of the subreddit can post their picks, but there are some rules to bear in mind (per r/sportsbook):

  • No parlays or teasers are allowed (there are other threads for those)
  • Your bet size must be between 1 and 5 units – grade it based on your confidence
  • The odds for your pick must be between -200 and +200 (1.5 and 3.0)
  • You must give the reasons for your bet in a short write-up
  • If you’re using a system or model, give details of the results so far

Basically, ‘pick of the day’ is a really nice source of public betting info before you finally make your actual picks with a sportsbook.

FanDuel vs DraftKings on Reddit

Ah, one of the biggest questions for sports betting geeks. Which of these two daily fantasy turned sportsbook betting sites is the best in the market?

It’s a debate which will rage on for ever on r/sportsbook – so if you’d like more detail this is a good place to start. Most of the insight is based on experience, so has plenty of value.

R/sportsbook rules – what are they?

One thing all forum owners know – a forum is only as good as its users and its mods.

They do all the hard work by producing great content and making sure there are rules in place, and those rules are obeyed. Without this often the “debate” ends up being a grim war of words with the end result everybody leaves.

There is a handy guide to what content you can/should post on r/sportsbook. But Reddit shows three main overarching rules you should abide by if you are joining.

Three ‘do nots’ are: Do not tout or sell betting picks; do not excessively self-promote; do not ignore the Reddit content policy.

So there you go – you’re all prepped and ready to join r/sportsbook. Let us know how you get on!