Alabama Betting Laws

Alabama, in the Southeastern United States and with a population of 4.932million (2020), has yet to board the sports betting gravy train.

But there are positive signs; after a failed bid in 2020 that things may change soon.

The state is short on major professional sports franchises, but it is home to one of college sports’ most storied rivalries.

The Alabama Crimson Tide have carried all before them during recent years in college football, winning six national championships since 2009 under revered head coach Nick Saban.

‘Bama’s success only makes the local feud with the Auburn Tigers even more bitter, and the annual meeting in the ‘Iron Bowl’ is one of the highlights of the CFB season. You are either ‘Roll Tide’ or ‘War Eagle’ – there is no middle ground.

Despite the undoubted potential, Alabama has yet to legalize sports betting. Though there appears to be light at the end of the tunnel.

Is sports betting legal in Alabama?

A bill to legalize sports betting was put forward in 2020, but it is not legal yet.

Time ran out on that 2020 effort with the COVID-19 pandemic placing legislative priorities elsewhere.

Now, in COVID’s aftermath, its financial impact necessitates finding new income streams to offset budget deficits. Sports betting offers that avenue to revenue, so expect another bid in 2021.

Legal sports betting near Alabama

One important thing to remember about legal sports betting in the U.S. – it’s about where you are right now, not where you live. The laws are based on location, not residency.

If you travel across state lines, you’re subject to a different law. And that means you might be able to bet.

With Alabama still blacked out on sports betting now, here are the closest options:

Tennessee: Starting from the state capital in Montgomery, you are just under a four-hour drive to the Tennessee state line via I-65 N. Once there, you can bet online or with apps on your mobile phone. You need to be in-state, and aged 21 or older.

Mississippi: Early to go legal back in 2018, but still limited. You must be on the premises at a licensed casino (water or land-based) to bet on sports in any way. You also need to be aged 21 or older.

Are offshore sportsbooks legal in Alabama?

The simple answer to this frequently asked question is: It’s a ‘no’ from us.

Offshore sportsbooks are not legal in any U.S. state, since they have no license to operate and take bets from residents.

Even if Alabama did open up in the future, offshore books would not be part of the plan.

Our biggest concern about signing up with offshore sportsbooks concerns the lack of consumer protection. You need to know your money is safe and you can withdraw it whenever you want. And that you have some protection if anything goes wrong.