Soccer Betting Predictions

The beautiful game is pretty much a year-round deal and our experts will bring you soccer betting predictions January through December every year. Previewing the biggest games, the biggest leagues and the biggest stars.

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Free Soccer Betting Predictions

Our predictions are free – we don’t charge you a cent to read them and if you win based on our advice, nobody will be happier than us.

Our experts take a long time to work through their predictions – doing a deep statistical dive before settling on the right bets.

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As for timing – we try to give you enough time to read our advice and get your bets on before kickoff. We always publish at latest by midnight ET on the day before the game.

We will occasionally post a prediction on the day of the game – but only if late injury news or a terrific value bet emerges.

Can you get rich betting on soccer?

Same answer as for any other sport folks. You can, but it’s not easy and you need to manage your dollars accordingly.

We try to avoid crazy bets here at OddsCritic, we focus on lines and odds that we think can leave you with a profit.

It’s tough to pick winners ever day, but that is exactly what we try to do with our predictions.

Our advice is to never bet more than you can afford and keep a record of your wins and losses. Bad things creep up and just happen, good things are planned.

How do you predict soccer bets?

There is no set formula here – everybody has a different way of going about it.

Like we said, we try to avoid crazy wagers that have little chance of coming off. We look for stuff that has a pretty good chance of hitting based on statistical data.

Even our parlay bets are not wild and whacky. We’d prefer to take smaller odds with a good chance of winning than the alternative.

Getting the best soccer odds

Okay so this is really important and can earn you a little extra cash. It is worth shopping around to try to get the best odds whenever you can. You can sign up with multiple sportsbooks, so you can go with whichever has the best value.

Best Soccer betting sites

Great news people, the U.S. is a pretty new betting market and there are a ton of sportsbooks looking to sign up new customers right now. That means super-cool bonuses and promotions to be had.

Just from the list below there are thousands of dollars in free best to be hoovered up, and you are not stuck with just joining one sportsbook. You can sign up with multiple and shop around for the best odds and offers.

Most states (the smarter ones at least) offer mobile betting options – way easier than needing to rock up at a bricks-and-mortar establishment. As long as you are in state, you can bet from your mobile phone in your own front room.

Here are just a few of the ones we like, and the current offers they have: