Thursday Night Football Predictions: Week 18

Thursday Night Football is now finished for the 2021 season and it will return again in 2022 when we will bring you predictions for every single game.

NFL betting of course carries on in Week 18, just without that TNF game to kick things off.

So, let’s get to it – prediction time…

Predictions & best bets

As we said, there is no Week 18 game on January 6, 2022 for Thursday Night Football, and it will return again for Week 2 of the 2022 season in September. The Week 1 game on Thursday is a Sunday Night Football production on NBC.

There are still primetime games in Week 18 and they are as follows:

Saturday January 8

  • Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos (4.30pm ET)
  • Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles (8.15pm ET)

Sunday January 9

  • Los Angeles Chargers @ Las Vegas Raiders (8.20pm ET)

We have a ton of predictions for the Week 18 matchups in the NFL, including picks against the spread and our weekly take on NFL prop bets (including player picks).


Week 1: Tampa Bay 31-29 Dallas (September 9)

Week 2: Washington 30-29 New York Giants (September 16)

Week 3: Carolina 24-9 Houston (September 23)

Week 4: Cincinnati 24-21 Jacksonville (September 30)

Week 5: Seattle 17-26 Los Angeles Rams (October 7)

Week 6: Philadelphia 22-28 Tampa Bay (October 14)

Week 7: Cleveland 17-14 Denver (October 21)

Week 8: Arizona 21-24 Green Bay (October 28)

Week 9: Indianapolis 45-30 New York Jets (November 4)

Week 10: Miami 22-10 Baltimore (November 11)

Week 11: Atlanta 0-25 New England (November 18)

Week 12: New Orleans 6-31 Buffalo (November 25)

Week 13: New Orleans 17-27 Dallas (December 2)

Week 14: Minnesota 36-28 Pittsburgh (December 9)

Week 15: Los Angeles Chargers 28-34 Kansas City (December 16)

Week 16: Tennessee 20-17 San Francisco (December 23)

Week 16: Green Bay 25-22 Cleveland (December 25)

Week 16: Arizona 16-22 Indianapolis (December 25)

When does Thursday Night Football kick off?

Always at the same time people – 8.20pm Eastern Time (5.20pm Pacific).

Which TV channel shows Thursday Night Football?

You have multiple options here. You can go old school and watch the game on FOX, complete with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman in the booth. You can also stream the games on Amazon Prime, on NFL Network and on fubotv.

From 2022 by the way, Amazon will have the exclusive rights to TNF.

Super 6 on Thursday Night Football

FOX Bet has a terrific free-to-play which more than 5million football fans play every week – Super 6 – and there’s a game especially for Thursday Night Football.

The prize s a cool $25,000 and you’ll need to answer correctly six questions about what happens Thursday night. All you need to do is download the app and predict away – full details are here.