Fox Super 6: Download the app, how to play & prizes

FOX Bet Super 6 Terry Bradshaw

Fox Super 6 is just a side dish when it comes to the brave new world of sports betting in the U.S. – but it’s a pretty tasty one which offers free cash every single week.

The free-to-play game is the brainchild of FOX Bet – which is a partnership between TV behemoth Fox Sports and online bookmaking group The Stars Group.

Why is The Stars Group important here you might ask? Well it owns Sky Bet – a hugely successful UK bookmaker which used Super 6 to grow a massive audience over the pond. Now The Stars Group is owned by Flutter Entertainment, which also has FanDuel. Huge player.

Sky Bet used TV network Sky Sports to promote it during its popular Saturday afternoon soccer programming, with astonishing results.

FOX Bet is clearly pinning its hopes on the same results here – a great soft lead-in to hard betting. It is we have to admit a really fun way to spend football weekends in particular, and any game day when there’s a Super 6 round in play.

Super 6 has even crossed over into entertainment, with Fox using it for hit TV shows such as the latest season of The Masked Singer.

Fox Sports has plenty of enormous on-screen talent to promote Super 6, and four-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback Terry Bradshaw has been a notable front man for the game during NFL Sundays.

It’s a simple concept which can be used for just about anything. Ideal to get people used to picking the outcome of events. Next stop betting…

Fox Super 6 app: How to download and play

Fox Super 6 is really easy to play – and the FOX Bet Super 6 app is available for iOS in the Apple Store and on Android in the Google Play Store for the 2021 football season.

All you need to do to get set up is download the app to your mobile device, and register for an account. Then you can input your answers for the latest and upcoming rounds of Super 6.

As stated, Super 6 is used for a number of different things – including NFL football weekends, NBA games and even entertainment shows.

But whatever the sport or event, one thing remains the same – you have to provide the answer to 6 questions. If you correctly predict 6 outcomes, you’ll hit the jackpot – which could be up to an incredible $1million.

Already since its launch in September 2019, Super 6 has paid out more than $4million to prize winners.

Super 6 picks – Week 12

So the games are decided for this weekend’s NFL Week 12 Super 6 game on Sunday November 28. And the prize available is a cool $100,000.

To win that prize, you needed to pick the winner of each game – and the correct winning margin. You’re given a number of different margin brackets – you choose the one you think hits.

Here are the games – along with your OddsCritic picks:

  • Philadelphia Eagles @ New York Giants (Eagles by 15-22 points)
  • Atlanta Falcons @ Jacksonville Jaguars (Falcons by 3-4 points)
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Indianapolis Colts (Colts by 7-9 points)
  • Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals (Bengals by 3-4 points)
  • Carolina Panthers @ Miami Dolphins (Panthers by 1-2 points)
  • Los Angeles Rams @ Green Bay Packers (Packers by 7-9 points)

Good luck with your picks!!!!

Super 6 on Thursday Night Football

You can also win (smaller) prizes with a Super 6 game around Thursday Night Football – which is obviously carried on broadcast by FOX.

For this game you need to answer correctly six questions about the same game. The prize for this game is $25,000 – still not too shabby. You can check out our Thursday Night Football predictions here.

NCAA College Football

If NFL action wasn’t enough, college football fans can get their Super 6 fix every Saturday with the chance to win a $25,000 grand prize (again it’s free to play).

The games for Saturday November 27, along with Rob Stone’s picks, are:

  • Ohio State @ Michigan (Buckeyes by 10-14 points)
  • Alabama @ Auburn (Crimson Tide by 10-14 points)
  • Oregon State @ Oregon (Ducks by 7-9 points)
  • Penn State @ Michigan State (Spartans by 5-6 points)
  • Wisconsin @ Minnesota (Badgers by 7-9 points)
  • Oklahoma @ Oklahoma State (Cowboys by 7-9 points)

It’s worth noting that Stone was 6 for 6 last week…

MLB Playoffs with David Ortiz

Yep, there is a version of Super 6 for just about everything – and the Major League Baseball playoffs are included.

Former Red Sox megastar David Ortiz takes on the Bradshaw role here, and FOX Bet gave away ‘his cash’ for every game of the 2021 World Series between the Houston Astros and the Atlanta Braves. A cool $25,000 for each game.

Great prizes, can you be a winner?

The prizes for Super 6 vary depending on what the round or contest is.

Sometimes the star prize can be $1000 or the guaranteed pool might be $10,000. Some Super 6 contests – Masked Singer for example – offer a sensational $250,000 grand prize.

The payout on NFL Sundays can be even bigger than that – in Week 11 of the 2020 season eight players shared a mind-boggling $1million payout after posting 6 perfect answers each. There is also that ‘Stash The Cash’ option.

Check out the Super 6 app regularly to see what contests are coming up along with the prizes on offer.


Is Fox Sports Super 6 legit?

Yes, Super 6 is absolutely 100% legit. It’s the marriage of a massive TV behemoth and an online bookmaker of similar stature. Two huge organizations. So very safe to play.

Has anybody ever won Fox Sports Super 6?

Yes, the jackpot has been won so don’t think it can’t be done. Nothing is impossible…

Most recently, we had a $100,000 winner in Week 11 of the 2021 season – on Sunday November 21.

Is the Fox Super 6 app free?

Yes, the Fox Super 6 app is absolutely free to download and the game is free to play. No cost whatsoever. Just enter your details, register your account and you are good to go.

How does the Fox Sports Super 6 payout work?

  • If you are the only player to answer all the questions correctly you’ll win the jackpot
  • If there are multiple perfect rounds, those players will share the jackpot 

Can I play Fox Super 6 anywhere?

Fox Super 6 is open to legal residents in 49 of the 50 U.S. states as well as within the District Of Columbia. The only exclusion here is if you are in the state of Washington.

What is the legal age to play Fox Super 6?

The absolute minimum age is 18 years old, though in some states the legal age for a game of this type will be older (likely 21) so you must conform with state rules. For the finer details, check out the terms and conditions.

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