NFL Betting Predictions

The 2022 NFL season is on to Week 15, and we already have a ton of betting predictions for you to get involved with.

We’ve looked closely at those Week 15 lines, and come up with some terrific value picks for you as you bid to beat those pesky sportsbooks and earn some extra dollars.

You can also check out all of our Futures picks for the 2022 season, selected before the big kickoff in September.

Early NFL Betting Futures Predictions for 2022

Our early futures bets so far for 2022 are right here – let us know what you think and good luck with them!

  • Cincinnati/Baltimore AFC North Dual Forecast at 29/20 (BetMGM) – WON
  • Cincinnati/Baltimore AFC North Straight Forecast at +550 (BetMGM) – WON
  • Ezekiel Elliott OVER 850.5 rushing yards at -112 (DraftKings) – WON
  • Arizona Cardinals to MISS the playoffs at -130 (PointsBet) – WON
  • Cincinnati Bengals to MAKE the playoffs at -140 (PointsBet) – WON
  • Los Angeles Chargers to MAKE the playoffs at -160 (PointsBet) – WON
  • Minnesota Vikings to MAKE the playoffs at +100 (PointsBet) – WON
  • Cincinnati Bengals to win the AFC North at +200 (Widely available) – WON
  • Buffalo Bills to win the AFC East at -180 (FanDuel) – WON
  • Buffalo Bills to have OVER 11.5 regular-season wins at -135 (PointsBet) – WON
  • New England Patriots to have OVER 8.5 regular-season wins at -115 (PointsBet) – LOST
  • New England Patriots to MAKE the playoffs at +160 (PointsBet) – LOST
  • Los Angeles Rams to win the NFC West at +135 (DraftKings) – LOST
  • Los Angeles Rams to have OVER 10.5 regular-season wins at -105 (PointsBet) – LOST
  • Arizona Cardinals to have UNDER 8.5 regular-season wins at -110 (PointsBet) – WON
  • Chicago Bears to have UNDER 6.5 regular-season wins at -115 (PointsBet) – WON
  • Minnesota Vikings to have OVER 8.5 regular-season wins at -130 (PointsBet) – WON
  • Indianapolis Colts to win the AFC South at -105 (FanDuel) – LOST
  • Jacksonville Jaguars to have OVER 6.5 regular-season wins at +100 (PointsBet) – WON
  • New Orleans Saints to have OVER 8.5 regular-season wins at +100 (PointsBet) – LOST
  • Dallas Cowboys to win the NFC East at +130 (DraftKings) – LOST
  • Kansas City Chiefs to win the AFC West at +175 (DraftKings) – WON
  • Denver Broncos to MISS the playoffs at +120 (PointsBet) – WON
  • Josh Allen to win NFL MVP at +700 (widely available)
  • Trey Lance to win NFL MVP at +3000 (widely available) – LOST
  • Baker Mayfield to be NFL Comeback Player Of The Year at +1000 (PointsBet)
  • Mike Tomlin to be NFL Coach Of The Year at +3000 (Widely available)
  • Romeo Doubs to be Offensive Rookie Of The Year at +1500 (PointsBet)
  • George Karlaftis to be NFL Defensive Rookie Of The Year at +2000 (SugarHouse)
  • Sam Williams to be NFL Defensive Rookie Of The Year at +4000 (SugarHouse)
  • Micah Parsons to win DPOY at +1100 (SugarHouse)
  • Deebo Samuel to win OPOY at +2000 (PointsBet)
  • CeeDee Lamb to win OPOY at +6600 (BetMGM, Borgata)
  • Joey Bosa to win DPOY at +2500 (PointsBet)
  • Green Bay Packers to win Super Bowl LVII at +1200 (Widely available) – LOST
  • Green Bay Packers to win the NFC Championship at +500 (FanDuelCaesars) – LOST
  • Buffalo Bills to win the AFC Championship at +350 (FanDuelbet365)

NB: Odds all correct when predictions made

Free NFL Predictions

We do not charge you anything for our predictions. Beating the books is tough enough without paying for the advice as well.

We try to post all of our predictions at least 24 hours before kickoff, unless the odds change significantly and a value proposition hits us right in the mouth.

Against The Spread

Most of our individual game predictions are against the spread. That means we’ll either pick the favorite to overcome a specific handicap (it might be 7 points) or the underdog to capitalize on one.

Either way we want our pick to cover the spread to land a winning prediction for you.

The spread can change during an NFL week, for example if a team’s quarterback goes down in practice. We’ll monitor the spreads throughout the week and point out anything we think gives you an opportunity to win.

Money line Picks

If you bet the money line, you’re picking a team just to win. Nothing else, no spread, no exotic subplot. You just need the W.

We will advise you to take a money line if we think there is value, but often the odds will just not be good enough. If you take a favorite which has say a seven-point edge and you bet against the spread, your odds will likely be around -110 (bet $110 to win $100).

Now if you want to back that team straight up on the money line the odds will be prohibitive – more like -300 (bet $300 to win $100).

So there’s a reason why most times we’ll tell you to bet against the spread. The odds will be way way better.

NFL props and player bets

Props are terrific fun and are taking the U.S. by storm. They are bets which can be about anything but the final result of the game. It could be a player to score a touchdown either first or anytime, or whether a QB will throw for 300 yards or more.

Online sportsbooks have a mind-bending number of props for the big national TV games, and that is good news for you. Whatever the game, there is likely something that can give you an interest deep into the fourth quarter.

Futures bets and predictions

This is where you bet ahead, and it could be months or years ahead.

We check out all the long-term betting opportunities for you on a regular basis, and if we see something that looks great value we’ll advise you to take it.

Some of the most popular futures markets include betting on the Super Bowl, the eight division races and also the NFL Draft.

We also provide regular updates on the race to become NFL MVP, plus Rookie Of The Year and Comeback Player Of The Year. Again, when there is value in the market we’ll provide predictions for you to review so you can bet if you like them.

Getting the best odds

Okay so this is really important and can earn you a little extra cash. It is worth shopping around to try to get the best odds whenever you can. You can sign up with multiple sportsbooks, so you can go with whichever has the best value.

Best NFL betting sites

There are a ton of options – and like we said, can you open accounts with as many as you want.

The great thing is they all have terrific signup offers, and you can accumulate thousands of dollars in free bets.

Here are just a few of the ones we like, and the current offers they have: