Montana Betting Laws

The sports betting Gold Rush has reached Montana, but the state is not really cashing in yet.

Laws introduced during 2019 (more of that later) did make it possible to bet on sports, but there is a major catch.

The state of Montana, with its relatively small population of 1,080million, was never expected to be a huge sports betting powerhouse. But it is definitely leaving plenty of meat on the bone for now.

There are no professional sports franchises in Montana, and the collegesdo not operate at an elite level. So Montanans probably welcome the chance to bet on pro action to provide added interest.

Despite the teething troubles for sports betting in Montana, it had racked up a total handle of $23.578million between launch in March 2020 and the end of January 2021. January was the best month so far, bringing in $5.799million.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Montana?

Yes, sports betting is now legal in Montana.

The state moved at least partly into the 21st Century, in May 2019 when it legalized mobile sports betting in the state. The only option though is the Sports Bet Montana app which is run by the state lottery. That opened for business in March 2020.

There’s quite a major catch as well. You can only bet using the app if you are on a premises where sports betting is legal. There are a ton of options – including many bars and casinos. And the number is growing.

Many of these licensed outlets also have kiosks where you can place a bet. Again, it’s all down to actually being on site when you place your bet.

One final thing. You are limited to a maximum bet of $250 at a kiosk, or $1000 on the app.

Where can I Bet in Montana?

You cannot simple bet just anywhere in the state of Montana. You must be on the premises of a licensed location to enjoy wagering on sports.

A full list of the many licensed sites is available on the Sports Bet Montana website.

Do you need to be Resident in Montana to bet there?

You do not need to be a resident of Montana to bet there. 

What is the Legal Sports Betting age in Montana?

You need to be aged 18 or older to bet legally on sports in Oregon.

How do I place a Sports Bet in Montana?

There are two options – both mean you have to be at a licensed location:

Sports Bet Montana mobile app

  • Visit a retail site which is licensed for sports betting
  • Download the app to your smartphone
  • Register for an account and deposit funds
  • Check out the sports and events you want to bet on
  • Find the market and odds you like and decide how much to bet
  • You are now ready to place your first legal sports bet

Licensed sports betting kiosks

  • Visit a licensed retail site which has sports betting kiosks
  • You are now ready to palace your first legal sports bet

What Type of Sports Bets can I place in Montana?

  • Moneyline: Yes
  • Point Spread: Yes
  • Parlay: Yes
  • Teasers: Yes
  • Futures: Yes
  • Over/Under: Yes
  • Round Robin: Yes

What Sports can I Bet on in Montana?

You can bet on all major sports in Montana, including:

NB: If you’re looking to bet on local college football schools in Montana, you may be out of luck. The app tends to focus very much on FBS level, rather than FCS level. This rules out some of the top local schools.

Legal Sports Betting near Montana

While you can bet in the state of Montana, it is a good idea to check out other states nearby where you can gamble.

If you’re travelling, or really want the full casino sportsbook experience, you can bet on the move. Remember, the laws are about where you are right now, not where you reside.

As of now, the best options for Montanans are pretty limited, close by. South Dakota is the only neighboring state that’s even close to having sports betting. SD voted to introduce sports betting at casinos in Deadwood, but that is not live yet.

Your best bet (pun intended) might be to head for Nevada and in particular Las Vegas. Either a 15-hour drive through Idaho and into the jewel of NV’s crown, or a pretty cost-effective short flight to The Strip. Once there you can bet on your phone or in person at the many casino sportsbooks. Legal age is 21.

Colorado is a similar distance away (around a 12-hour drive or a short flight). But while it’s a thriving sports betting market it does not have Vegas. Again legal age there is 21.

Are Offshore Sportsbooks Legal in Montana?

Offshore sportsbooks do not operate legally anywhere inside the United States.

These offshore companies have no license to operate in a U.S. jurisdiction. That could leave you in a hole if you sign up with them.

Because they are unlicensed, you have no consumer protection if you bet with them. So our advice is to stay with legal and legit U.S. options instead.