Texas Betting Laws

With a population of 29.4million (2020 United States Census), Texas is ripe for huge sports betting revenues.

The Lone Star State is sports mad and football in particular is a religion, from high school right through the pros.

NFL franchise the Dallas Cowboys is sport’s most valuable franchise at $5billion (even if it hasn’t won a championship since 1995!), while the Houston Texans are also in the state. Meanwhile at college level the University of Texas Longhorns and the Texas A & M Aggies are just two of the huge and high-profile Division 1 schools.

With all of the above in mind, you’d think Texas would be betting legally on sports now. Perhaps the potential for a $5billion budget deficit post-COVID might hurry things along just a little.

Is sports betting legal in Texas?

Sports betting is not legal in the state of Texas. And while there are positive signs that it could really be on the agenda in 2021, it is no slam dunk.

And the way the state governs (meeting only in odd years), if 2021 doesn’t play out we could be looking at 2023.

Not surprisingly local sports franchise owners – notably billionaire Cowboys’ supremo Jerry Jones – are massively in favor of legalizing sports betting in the state.

However, Jerry’s opinion might count for little when it matters with some powerful voices – Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick foremost – who are apparently opposed to legalization.

So for now, like the other sports betting ‘blackout’ states, you’ll have to either hop in your car or on a place to legally indulge your passion for wagering.

Legal sports betting near Texas

While you can’t bet within the state lines of Texas, there are options pretty close by.

There are bordering states which offer legal sports betting. You don’t need to be a resident there, just inside state lines when you place your bets. Here are your options right now:

  • New Mexico: There hasn’t been legislation passed on sports betting, but you can wager at some tribal casinos, assuming you’re 21 or older. Our NM state guide has full details.

  • Arkansas: Sadly there are no online or mobile options here. But you can wager legally in a small and specific list of land-based casinos if aged 21 or older. Our Arkansas guide has full details.

NB: While there are no options to place a bet in Louisiana yet, leglisatlon has been passed. It will soon be in play for Texans with disposable dollars and a desire to travel. Our Louisiana guide will keep you posted on developments.

Are offshore sportsbooks legal in Texas?

The long list of offshore sportsbooks offering U.S. citizens the chance to sign and bet do so illegally. And for that reason we advise you not to do so.

If you do decide to bet with offshore sportsbooks, you have zero protection if anything goes wrong: for example you are unable or not allowed to withdraw your funds.

We will keep you right up to date with sports betting developments in Texas, and hopefully soon, the wait will be over…