NFL Parlay Picks for Divisional Playoff Weekend: A + +1360 play!

The 2022 NFL season is now at the business end, and we have expert and free NFL parlay picks for every week of a terrific schedule.

We are comfortably in profit for the season and we are ready to continue taking on the online sportsbooks again in Divisional Playoff Weekend.

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We load up again with another big-odds parlay for the playoff action on Super Wild Card Weekend.

NFL Parlay Picks & Best Bets: Divisional Playoff Weekend

We have a playoff parlay for you to continue the postseason action:

Leg 1: Isiah Pacheco Over 50.5 Rushing Yards (-115)

Pacheco has grabbed the opportunity to become RB1 in Kansas City with both hands in 2022.

The talented rookie has speed and power and he is the ideal man to rumble behind a Chiefs line which has been crying out for a bona fide bulldozer to capitalize on its elite blocking schemes.

Pacheco has smashed through this mark in 8 of his last 9 starts and we love his chances to do it again as KC begins what it hopes will be the road to another Super Bowl.

Arrowhead will be jumping for kickoff on Saturday afternoon (4.30pm ET, NBC) and we expect Pacheco to provide the balance to help Patrick Mahomes to lead KC to another postseason victory.

Leg 2: A.J. Brown Anytime Touchdown (-105)

Big players produce in big games, and the Eagles traded a first-round pick to acquire Brown for occasions like this. Philly welcomes the New York Giants to the Linc on Saturday night (8.15pm ET, FOX) and the home team has a 7.5-point betting edge.

Brown has repaid that heavy investment and then some in his first season in Philadelphia, racking up 11 touchdowns already – including one at MetLife as the Giants were routed in early December.

With Jalen Hurts hopefully back to full health, we expect the Eagles to rumble here and Brown should again be in the endzone to continue our Divisional Playoff parlay.

Leg 3: Tyler Boyd Anytime Touchdown (+300)

The Bengals and Bills lock horns in Orchard Park on Sunday (3pm ET, CBS) – two weeks after their regular-season matchup was postponed after the cardiac arrest suffered by Bills safety Damar Hamlin.

Before Hamlin went down in the game Cincy had taken an early lead on the back of a Boyd TD pass from Joe Burrow. Tyler was right back in the picture after a mixed second half of the year.

Earlier in the season Tyler had been a key outlet for Burrow, and we expect that to be the case again on Sunday as the Bills put the focus on stopping Ja’Marr Chase and Tee Higgins.

Boyd has 5 scores already this season, and we expect him to make it 6 on Sunday.

OddsCritic NFL Parlay Picks for Divisional Playoff Weekend

  • Isiah Pacheco Over 50.5 Rushing Yards
  • A.J. Brown Anytime Touchdown
  • Tyler Boyd Anytime Touchdown

NB: Odds correct when picks made on Friday January 20 at 0800 ET.

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What is a parlay?

A parlay is a bet where winning and losing comes down to a number of selections – not just one.

So for example on an NFL Sunday you could put 6 teams into one parlay bet. All your wagers need to come up for you to win the parlay bet.

The odds multiply as your selections (hopefully) win, a bit like compound interest from your bank.

So the positive thing about a parlay is that as well as being terrific fun – you can win really big.

The downside is you have to get multiple things right to win. Getting one bet right is not easy – how about 3, 4, 5 or maybe even more.

What is the best NFL parlay strategy?

The best strategy when you are doing a parlay is play it safe and simple. Do not go for crazy big odds – remember everything has to hit for you so don’t take risks. And don’t go for exotic bets or markets. Spread or money line is good.

Our advice would be to pick a max of five selections that you are very confident in and don’t even think about the odds unless they are absolutely terrible. The fact they all multiply means you’ll get a nice payout if they all come up.

The reason we’re suggesting this strategy is that online sportsbooks just LOVE parlays. Simply because they are tough to hit on. That should tell you all you need to know. Like we say, go for surefire winners – not hopeful long shots.

Another thing we’d advise as a fun play is to pick the winners of each NFL division before the season starts and put them in a parlay. Eight teams yes, but gives you interest (hopefully) throughout the season. And could be a terrific payoff to buy you a nice holiday in the offseason.

What is a same game parlay?

As it says on the box people, all the legs of your parlay will focus on the same game.

You can put as many legs in as you want, but there is a caveat to everything here. The odds might not be as great as you might imagine – simply because some of the bets will impact each other.

For example, if you bet a team to win on the moneyline, and the same team to be leading at halftime and final, they almost go hand in hand.

Again, if you bet a player to go over his line for rushing yards, there’s a pretty good chance he’ll go over his line for carries too. Same for receiving yards and catches.

So a same game parlay is absolutely a fun way to bet, but the fact so many of the wagers impact each other does hit your odds a little. Like everything in life, there’s an upside and a downside.

How much does a $100 parlay pay?

Well, that really depends on what the odds are.

There are parlay calculators out there that help you work out the odds for your NFL parlay picks. But we’ll give you a couple of examples

Example 2: A $100 parlay where your three selections are +200, +400 and +600

You would win $10,400 and with your $100 stake back too, your total payout would be $10,500

Example 2: A $100 parlay where your four selections are +150, -120 and +210

You would win $1320,82 and with your stake back too your total payout would be $1420.82

What can I parlay NFL?

The answer is pretty much anything you want. And a ton of sportsbooks now offer same-game parlay functions to make it easy. Worth bearing in mind though that same-game parlays often have pretty bad odds because some of the outcomes affect each other. For example if a quarterback throws 4 TD passes, pretty good chance his team wins…

Where is the NFL Parlay?

Every online sportsbooks offers parlay bets, and you can build some really nice wagers off the back of them. That’s what our NFL parlay picks page aims to do for you.

Why are parlays so hard to win?

Like we said, you need every single leg of your parlay bet to win. If just one loses, you’re cooked. So while the upside is huge as those odds compound, it’s tough to get a big one to hit.

What are the 5 team parlay odds?

Depends which teams you are betting, and whether you are betting them moneyline or Against The Spread (ATS). Put your selections into a betslip on your chosen sportsbook and you will be able to see your odds and potential win. Some websites also have parlay calculators, which are really useful

What is the best parlay bet?

Honestly, the best parlay bet is one that wins! We really like same game parlays because you are effectively writing a script for how you think a game will go. The odds are not quite as big as the outcomes are all linked, but work out what you think will happen in the game, then pick bets to match up. For example if you’re betting the Under on Total Points, do not then pick one of the teams to have a crazy high number of points – the two don’t match up.