North Dakota Betting Laws

North Dakota outlaws some of the weirdest things – you can’t fall asleep lying down with your shoes on, and beer and pretzels can’t be served together in a bar.

So no great surprise then that sports betting is waiting in line to be legalized in the Midwestern state (population 765,000 per 2020 data).

ND is not exactly a sporting powerhouse either, though little North Dakota State did make a splash in 2016 when its starting quarterback Carson Wentz was taken second overall by the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL Draft. QB Trey Lance is expected to be a round 1 pick in 2021.

For now, the wait goes on for sports betting in North Dakota –  read on for the very latest on the local situation.

Is sports betting legal in North Dakota?

Sports betting is not legal yet in North Dakota, and the last attempts to get bills moving failed back in 2019.

There is though a resolution pending which says voters should be allowed to make the final call. And it does appear to have significant bipartisan support.

So while there is no definitive ‘yes’ to gambling on sports yet, the future looks a little brighter.

Legal sports betting near North Dakota

You can still bet on sports if you are a North Dakota resident, just not in your home state. If you’re keen to wager and willing to travel, there are options nearby:

Montana: Sports betting is legal across the state line, but only when you are on site at a licensed sports betting outlet. This goes even for the mobile Sports Bet Montana app. You need to be aged 18 or over, and the maximum bet allowed is £1,000.

NB: Neighboring South Dakota is a little way ahead of ND. It has voted to allow sports betting in limited fashion in Deadwood. The rollout however has yet to be agreed on.

Are offshore sportsbooks legal in North Dakota?

Offshore sportsbooks are not legal in North Dakota, despite what they might tell you.

These operators have no license to operate in the U.S. – and you have no protection should you sign up with them and something goes wrong.

We strongly advise all bettors to instead find legal options in the United States.