Rhode Island Betting Laws

Rhode Island was never expected to be a huge player in the sports betting Gold Rush in the United States. 

It’s taken a little while for The Ocean State to warm up to the ideal properly, but now it is starting to get into gear.

The total November 2020 sports betting handle for RI was a record at $35.098million, though that number did dip considerably in December 2020 to $22.770million with the state’s two casinos closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The mobile handle was unaffected.

Given the slightly limited options in RI, and the relatively tiny population of 1.059million (2020 data), that November handle is none too shabby.

Unsurprisingly, there are no professional sports franchises based in the state of Rhode Island, though the Massachusetts powerhouses are just up the road. The New England Patriots (NFL), Boston Red Sox (MLB), Boston Celtics (NBA) and Boston Bruins (NHL) are plenty close enough to root for.

Is sports betting legal in Rhode Island?

Yes, sports betting is legal in the state of Rhode Island. It’s been a gradual process but the locale is now properly getting into the 21st Century from a gambling standpoint.

When Rhode Island first legalized sports betting in 2018 there were no online and mobile options. That changed in 2019, but only with in-person registration at retail sites.

Now you can bet anywhere in state via online or mobile means, but only via the sole provider. The one product available is powered by William Hill for the Rhode Island Lottery.

There are a couple of retail sites also in the state, but most future revenues will come from the explosion in mobile betting.

Where can I bet in Rhode Island?

You have both land-based and mobile options if you want to bet in Rhode Island.


Sportsbook Rhode Island: The only game in town since legalization – run by the Rhode Island Lottery and powered by William Hill. Web and mobile app versions are available.

In-person at land-based sites

Just the two options for bettors desperate for the casino experience:

  • Twin River Casino Hotel, Lincoln, RI 02865
  • Tiverton Casino Hotel, Tiverton, RI 02878

Do you need to be resident in Rhode Island to bet there?

You do not need to be a full-time Rhode Island resident to bet there. You just need to be physically in the state when you place your bets. And of legal age of course.

What is the legal sports betting age in Rhode Island?

Unlike most of the United States, you can bet in Rhode Island from 18 years of age and up.

How do I place a sports bet online in Rhode Island?

The process is relatively simple, and can be done in minutes:

  • Be in the state of Rhode Island and of legal age
  • Visit the Sportsbook Rhode Island website or download the app
  • Register for a sportsbook account
  • Deposit funds into your new sportsbook account
  • Search the website/app for the sports and events you want to bet on
  • Choose the event you want to bet on, and how much you want to bet
  • You can now place your first bet

What type of sports bets can I place in Rhode Island?

Moneyline: Yes

Point Spread: Yes

Parlay: Yes

Teasers: Yes

Futures: Yes

Over/Under: Yes

Round Robin: Yes

What sports can I bet on in Rhode Island?

You can bet on all major sports in Rhode Island, including:

NB: RI does not allow betting on collegiate matchups taking place in the state, or involving schools from the state played in any location.

Legal sports betting near Rhode Island

While sports betting is legal now in Rhode Island, obviously the options are a little limited.

Because the laws are around location and not residency, you can bet in other ‘legal’ states.

While Connecticut and Massachusetts both border RI, neither has opened up for sports betting yet (though CT is well on the road to doing so).

For now, the most enticing option is to make the four-hour trek to New Jersey, where there are a ton of mobile options plus the bright lights of the Atlantic City sportsbooks and casinos.

Are offshore sportsbooks legal in Rhode Island?

Offshore sportsbooks – however tempting they might look – are not legal in the United States.

These companies have no license to offer bets in the United States, and likely never will.

This means that if you sign up with them, you are taking a risk. If something goes wrong – say you want to withdraw your money and can’t – your lack of consumer protection could be a big issue.

Our firm advice is to stick with legal options inside the union. The opportunities will only grow in the coming months and years.