Maine Betting Laws

Maine came so close to welcoming in legal sports betting in 2020 – literally stretching the ball out to break the plane, only for it to get knocked loose.

Having seen betting legislation passed and then vetoed, it is back to the drawing board in a bid to finally profit from the Supreme Court ruling in 2018 which gave all states the right to legalize sports betting if they want to.

Maine, in the New England region of the Northeastern area of the U.S., has a population of 1.35million (2020 data). Though it’s within travelling distance of some major sports teams in Massachusetts, there are very slim pickings within the state line itself.

For now, the matter of any sporting action from a betting perspective is unresolved – until the ball finally reaches the end zone.

Is sports betting legal in Maine?

Sports betting is not legal yet in Maine, though as we’ve already told you it literally clanged off the upright in 2020.

A bill to legalize gambling on sports was passed by the House, only for Governor Janet Mills to veto it repeatedly.

There is clearly a desire to usher in sports betting legislation, especially with the impact of COVID-19 confronting many states with hefty budget deficits. 

Not to mention the frustration at watching neighboring New Hampshire and offshore sportsbooks potentially accepting wagers from Maine residents.

The wait will most likely not go on much longer. 

Legal sports betting near Maine

While you can’t bet legally in Maine yet, if you’re willing to cross state lines there are options. Only one state borders Maine, and that is your best bet for now:

New Hampshire: There are retail and mobile options if you’re willing to take the relatively short four-hour drive to the granite state. DraftKings has been the exclusive partner for both retail and mobile app since the state opened up. You need to be in-state and aged 21 or older.

Are offshore sportbooks legal in Maine?

Offshore sportsbooks cannot operate legally in the state of Maine, because they don’t have a license to do so.

With that in mind, we’d advise you strongly not to opt for them. You put yourself at risk with a serious lack of consumer protection if – for example – they refuse to let you withdraw your funds.

Sit tight, wait on Maine to open up and in the meantime, look to New Hampshire for legal options.