Wyoming Betting Laws

Since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the law stopping anybody betting on sports outside Nevada in 2018, it’s been a literal Gold Rush to go legal. And now you can add Wyoming to the growing list of states opening up for business.

Known as ‘The Equality State’ for its role in ensuring women were allowed to vote, Wyoming is one of the biggest in the union in size terms. But its population is tiny at 582,000.

There are no major professional sports franchises to bet on in landlocked Wyoming – the best it can offer is a slew of minor-league teams.

Despite its size lawmakers are hopeful it will punch above its weight when it starts taking legal sports bets online.

Is sports betting legal in Wyoming?

Sports betting is is now legal in the state of Wyoming – as of April 2021. It officially opened for business on September 1 via both DraftKings and BetMGM – just in time for the NFL season kickoff.

It is expected 5 sportsbook licenses will eventually be ratified, giving just a little more choice to Wyoming bettors.

Legal sports betting near Wyoming

Even though sports betting is legal now in Wyoming, you still might need to know the lay of the land when traveling out of state.

For now, your options if you’re willing to travel a little are as follows:

Colorado: Legal sports betting is available around a six-hour drive from Wyoming. Once you’re in Colorado, you can bet using online sites and mobile apps, as well as land-based casinos. You need to be 21 or older.

Montana: You can bet via the state lottery-run Montana Sports Bet app and at terminals in licensed outlets (if you are 18 or older). As with the terminals, you have to be on site to use the app though. The good news – there are plenty of licensed sites and the number is growing. 

NB: Sports betting is legal in South Dakota, but not live yet. It will only provide action at licensed casinos in Deadwood – a four-hour drive from Cheyenne. And at tribal sites in-state. You will need to be 21 or older, and there will be no mobile options.

Are offshore sportsbooks legal in Wyoming?

Nope, offshore sportsbooks are not legal in Wyoming, despite what they might say.

These books have zero licensing in the U.S. and are not legally allowed to offer bets inside any state.

We strongly advise you not to sign up with offshore operators as you have zero consumer protection.

Instead, let us keep you posted on all the legal opportunities within the union.