Missouri Betting Laws

The ‘Show Me State’ promised much in terms of sports betting legislation during 2020, but ultimately it failed to deliver.

Situated in the Midwest of the United States with a population of 6.15million (2020 data), MO sports fans must be super frustrated by the wait. That’s because times have never been better for some local franchises.

The Kansas City Chiefs – with the NFL’s most exciting player Patrick Mahomes at quarterback – won its first Super Bowl in 2020 by defeating the San Francisco 49ers. Mahomes and co then booked a return trip with a win over the Buffalo Bills in the 2021 AFC Championship game. 

Elsewhere on the pro sports landscape, the St Louis Cardinals is one of baseball’s most storied franchises, while in college sports the University of Missouri – or Mizzou – is a traditional powerhouse.

Is Sports Betting Legal in Missouri?

There’s a saying in life that ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’, and maybe that’s the case when it comes to Missouri and sports betting. A flood of bills was put forward during 2020, yet the state still ended the year without final approval of any of them.

There are plenty of details still to be agreed before sports betting does open up – even if the smart money is on legalization happening before the end of 2021.

The start of football season – September for both the pros in the NFL and college football – is normally a pretty good line in the sand if a state wants to maximize its tax dollars from betting.

For now though, sports-mad Missourians will have to trek across the state lines if they want a piece of the action before then.

Legal Sports Betting near Missouri

Betting on sports legally in the U.S. is very much a location game, it’s generally not about residency. You don’t need to live there to bet – you just need to be physically present.

With Missouri still blacked, here are your best bets in neighboring states:

Illinois: The full suite betting options is available in The Prairie State, from retail casino sites to online and mobile products. You need to be in the state to bet, and aged 21 or over.

Tennessee: Unusually there are no land-based sites offering sportsbooks in the state. But you can bet online and mobile with a growing number of operators. Legal age is 21.

Arkansas: Limited options here – no online and mobile wagering, just a small number of land-based sites. If you want to make the trip, consult our Arkansas guide. Legal age is 21.

Are Offshore Sportsbooks Legal in Missouri?

No, offshore sportsbooks are not legal in the state of Missouri. They operate without a license to operate in any U.S. jurisdiction.

So their online products and sign-up offers may seem pretty nice, but they could also give you a headache, since they give you no consumer protection.

At OddsCritic, we always advise bettors to stick to legal options in the United States.