Bundesliga Betting Predictions

The German Bundesliga is one of THE best soccer leagues to bet on and we have expert predictions for you every single game week.

It is not easy to pick winning bets on German soccer, but the upside is you get pretty good odds when you do.

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Latest Predictions & Best Bets

Borussia Mönchengladbach vs RB Leipzig (Saturday 17 September 1230 ET) 

Borussia Mönchengladbach and RB Leipzig have both disappointed so far this season, with just two wins apiece after six games.

The late game on Saturday should be a keenly-contested affair, with RB Leipzig the slight favourites, but the Red Bulls’ midweek Champions League efforts could lead to rotation.

This is positive news for Gladbach, but with both sides struggling to score this season, a drawn game could easily be on the cards.

OddsCritic Predictions

  • Borussia Mönchengladbach and RB Leipzig to Tie: +260 (Bet365)

Hoffenheim vs Freiburg (Sunday 18 September 130 ET) 

Freiburg remains in second place in the Bundesliga table and also had a big win in Europe this week.

The season could not have started better for Christian Streich’s side, but it all has to come crashing down to earth sooner rather than later.

Hoffenheim has also overperformed in the first few weeks of the season and finds itself in fourth. This is an early top-four game, but it’s unlikely either team will be in a Champions League spot by the time the season ends.

The home side should have the advantage here in what promises to be a close game.

OddsCritic Predictions

  • Hoffenheim to win +120 (Unibet)

Free & Expert Predictions

Just a reminder folks that we do not charge you anything for our analysis and advice. We spend serious time putting our predictions together, but the aim is for you to win and beat those online sportsbooks. We don’t like the alternative…

When is the Bundesliga played?

The Bundesliga season normally starts in August and runs through to the following May. There are 18 teams in the league, and they play each other twice – both at home and away. So each team plays 34 games total in a season.

Matchday weekends normally start with a Friday night game, which kicks off at 8.30pm local time (2.30pm ET). The main bulk of games are then played Saturday afternoon German time, Saturday morning U.S. time. They kick off a 3.30pm locally, and 9.30am on the East Coast. There is also a late Saturday game which starts 6.30pm local time, 12.30pm ET.

Game weekends then conclude with a pair of games each Sunday – starting at 3.30pm and 5.30pm local time (9.30am ET and 11.30am ET).

How to watch the Bundesliga on TV

The Bundesliga has always drawn plenty of U.S. interest – partly because of the American stars playing there and partly due to the kickoff times. The league is generally first at bat on a Saturday – nice breakfast viewing if you are on the East Coast.

ESPN is in the early stages of a six-year deal to broadcast the Bundesliga in the U.S. – and the bulk of the programming is on its ESPN+ subscription streaming platform. A small number of big games will also air on ‘big’ ESPN.

The Worldwide Leader is also the only option for Spanish-language viewers, with Univision no longer having those rights.

How does the Bundesliga work?

Like we said, each team plays a total of 34 games in a season – home and away vs every other team. Each game has three points for a win, a point to each team for a draw/tie and nothing for a loss.

The top team in the standings at the end of the season wins the Bundesliga, and the top four teams gain automatic qualification to the following season’s Champions League group stages. The fifth team goes into the Europa League.

At the bottom of the division there is relegation (yep, the bad teams get booted into a lower division on an annual basis). The bottom two teams are automatically relegated, and the third from bottom goes into a playoff for survival.

Bundesliga Winners

If you’re looking for a highly competitive league with a number of teams having a chance to win the title, you’re out of luck.

In Germany – as in many other soccer countries – the rich apparently get richer. Hence Bavarian giant Bayern Munich has won the Bundesliga in 31 of its 59 seasons to date – including the last 10. You have to go back to 2012 for the last time anybody not named Bayern won the Bundesliga – when Borussia Dortmund claimed the big prize.

During the last decade Bayern has become a genuine global superclub, attracting Pep Guardiola as coach and a ton of world stars on the pitch.

The last 10 winners of the Bundesliga are as follows:

  • 2020-21: Bayern Munich
  • 2019-20: Bayern Munich
  • 2018-19: Bayern Munich
  • 2017-18: Bayern Munich
  • 2016-17: Bayern Munich
  • 2015-16: Bayern Munich
  • 2014-15: Bayern Munich
  • 2013-14: Bayern Munich
  • 2012-13: Bayern Munich
  • 2011-12: Borussia Dortmund

Free Bundesliga Predictions, from experts

Just a reminder folks that we do not charge for our betting predictions. Our expert analysis is totally free and gratis.

Our predictions and picks come from experts who have been producing in-depth analysis of the European game for decades – put simply they’ve got this.

Money Line Betting

Often this will be our bet of choice. Why you ask? It’s the simplest soccer bet of all, you are betting just on the result of the game – nothing else. So one of the two teams to win, or a Draw. How much you win depends on the odds of course.

For more details on how to bet on soccer, check out our simple guide.

Over/Under Goals

A really popular bet market, and one we’ll look to capitalize on regularly on this page.

Here you are betting on how many goals will be scored. Not an exact guess – just more or less than the relevant betting line. The same as Over/Under on total points in the NFL for example.

For example if Bayern Munich is playing Borussia Dortmund, if you go over a 2.5 line and the final score is 2-1 to Bayern – you win.

Sportsbooks offer multiple lines, all with different odds. So the further you go away from what they expect – the bigger the odds.

Goalscorer Betting

Really popular betting lines are around who scores the goals. Basically it can give you an interest right through the game.

You can bet in a number of ways here:

  • First Goalscorer: Like it says on the tin, you are betting on a player. to score the first goal in the game.
  • Last Goalscorer: Again, self-explanatory. Your pick scores the last goal – you win.
  • Anytime Goalscorer: Worse odds, but interest all the way. Your pick just has to score at any time in the game.

You can also bet certain players (normally the forwards like Robert Lewandowski) to score multiple goals. So potentially bet on the to score 2, 3 or more. Obviously you’ll get better odds the higher you go.

Handicap Betting

This is like betting against the spread in American pro sports. The sportsbooks will give one of the teams a start based on how they think the game will finish up. As with over/under goals, you decide which side to pick.

Also known as ‘Asian Handicap’ betting, again you will get different options for each game. For example if Borussia Moenchengladbach is playing Bayer Leverkusen you might be able to bet Moenchengladbach -1.75 goals. In this scenario Borussia needs to win by 2 clear goals for you to collect.

Bundesliga Props

There are ton of props (proposition bets) available for most Bundesliga games – basically looking at anything bar the result of the game. A great way to make sure you have a betting interest right throughout a game. Nothing like going crazy in a bar when a team gets a corner in minute 89 to land your winning bet…

So it could be whether a player will complete a certain number of passes, or like we said how many corners a certain team will have. Crazy stuff and all to keep you betting (that’s the sportbook M.O.) right to the final whistle.


This is where you place long-term bets – so you can bet on who wins the Bundesliga title at the start of the season. And some sportsbooks will have a handicap system, giving other teams a start against Bayern for example. At least then there is some interest!

The Top Scorer market is another red-hot betting proposition – especially with the likes of Bayern forward Sadio Mane and RB Leipzig’s Timo Werner both in the division.