North Carolina Betting Laws

North Carolina is in a state of sports betting limbo right now – the law to make it legal is passed, but there is still no physical way to bet.

The limited nature of the law in place means the handle would likely be tiny for a state with a population of 10.5million (2020 data). Punching way below its weight.

NC has plenty of elite sport on its doorstep. The NFL’s Carolina Panthers and the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets are both based in Charlotte, as well as the NHL’s Carolina Hurricanes.

In college terms NC is a hot state, with both the North Carolina Tar Heels and the South Carolina Gamecocks being perennial powerhouses. There is also Duke University, which has a huge rivalry with the Tar Heels – particularly in college hoops.

Charlotte is also the home of popular motor racing series NASCAR.

Is sports betting legal in North Carolina?

Legislation has been passed to make sports betting legal in North Carolina, but by January 2021 there was still no way to actually do it. Highly frustrating.

The law which was set down in 2019 was pretty limited too, offering two casinos run by the Cherokee Indians the ability to offer legal sportsbooks.

As of yet that hasn’t happened yet, so the state is pretty much in limbo right now. We will of course keep you right up to date with the latest situation.

You could bet legally on sports, if only there was some way to do so. But at OddsCritic we always have options for you, so read on for full details…

Legal sports betting near North Carolina

As we’ve said many times, it’s important to remember that states generally set down sports betting law based on location – and not residency.

So even if you’re a resident of North Carolina, you can still bet when in states which are legal, and luckily a couple of bordering locales have just gone live.

As of now, here are your best options to bet close by:

Virginia: Literally opened up for sports betting in January 2021. Your options right now are online and mobile. It’s expected there will be land-based sites eventually. For now, to bet on your phone, you just need to be in-state and over the age of 21.

Tennessee: Opened up for sports betting in November 2020, again initially with just online and mobile options. Again you need to be in-state and aged 21 or over to bet.

Are offshore sportsbooks legal in North Carolina?

Offshore sportsbooks are not legal in the state of North Carolina, or any other state in the union.

Sports betting is governed on a state-by-state basis, and they are not licensed to operate in any of the 50.

If you do decide to sign up with sportsbooks who operate offshore, you’ll have a worrying lack of consumer protection. So our advice is not to bet with them.

Instead bet legally with licensed operators in the U.S. – our state-by-state guides will keep you right up to date with all the breaking news on where and how you can bet.