Oregon Betting Laws

Sports betting is very much alive and kicking in Oregon.

The Beaver State, which has an estimated population of 4.28million (2020), now has a monthly handle of $34.936million according to latest figures (January 2021).

Around 50% of bets come on football when the season is in play, despite the fact the state doesn’t have an NFL franchise.

The pro sports teams in the state are headed by the Portland Timbers of the NBA and MLS team Portland Timbers. 

In college sports, the Oregon Ducks are a huge thing, a perennial football powerhouse and regular provider of star talent into the NFL Draft.

Oregon’s big rival is the Oregon State Beavers, and their bitter rivalry is widely known as ‘Civil War’.

Is sports betting legal in Oregon?

Sports betting has been legal and live in the state of Oregon since October 2019.

The Oregon State Lottery runs the show from a sports betting perspective, and runs the Scoreboard betting app. This is the only mobile betting option in Oregon as of now.

Some tribal casinos now offer the ability to bet in-person at a sportsbook.

Where can I bet in Oregon?

As detailed, Scoreboard – the app run by the Oregon State Lottery – is your only mobile option. Scoreboard also has a website where you can bet.

The land-based casinos with sportsbooks currently operating are:

  • Chinook Winds Casino, Lincoln City, OR 97367
  • Spirit Mountain Casino, Grand Ronde, OR 97347
  • The Mill Casino, North Bend, OR 97459

Do you need to be resident in Oregon to bet there?

You do not need to be a resident of Oregon to use the Scoreboard app, you just need to be physically in the state when you use it to bet. Your phone will detect your location to verify you are good to go. For casinos, you need to be on the premises to bet.

What is the legal sports betting age in Oregon?

You need to be aged 21 or older to bet legally on sports in Oregon.

How do I place a sports bet in Oregon?


  • Be anywhere in the state of Oregon
  • Be of legal betting age for Oregon
  • Download the Scoreboard app to your phone
  • Register for an account and deposit funds
  • Choose which sport and event you want to bet
  • Make your selection and decide on how much you want to bet
  • Now you are ready to place your bet


  • Visit an Oregon casino that offers a legal sportsbook
  • Be of legal betting age for Oregon
  • You are good to go, choose your event and place your bet

What type of sports bets can I place in Oregon?

Moneyline: Yes

Point Spread: Yes

Parlay: Yes

Teasers: Yes

Futures: Yes

Over/Under: Yes

Round Robin: Yes

What sports can I bet on in Oregon?

You can bet on all major sports in Oregon, including:

NB: Scoreboard does not allow betting on college matchups. Some of the tribal casinos do though, including offering odds on local schools.

Legal sports betting near Oregon

If you live in Oregon you now have sports betting literally in your front room via Scoreboard.

But some folks still like to travel to casinos for that in-person experience (not to mention the food and entertainment). Others have to travel for work or spend time in other states regularly – maybe for a holiday.

If you do want to look elsewhere to bet on sports, here are the nearest options:

Nevada: Great news, you’re on the doorstep of probably the world’s premier sports betting experience. You can bet via mobie as soon as you cross state lines into Nevada, but is there any point unless you experience the bright lights of Las Vegas.

The road trip to Vegas is a long one (about 16 hours from Portland), but a flight is just over two hours and pretty cost-effective. What’s not to like…

NB: Sports betting is now legal in the bordering state of Washington, but it’s not live yet.

Are offshore sportsbooks legal in Oregon?

No, offshore sportsbooks are absolutely not legit or legal in the state of Oregon.

In fact, they have no license to operate anywhere in the United States – whether the locale is open for sports betting or not.

Our advice is to stick to strictly legal routes for your sports betting – or you could be left with no consumer protection if something goes wrong.