Nebraska Betting Laws

Once referred to as ‘The Great American Desert’, Nebraska was absolutely barren from a sports betting perspective until May 26th of this year.

The locale where Kool-Aid was invented back in the 1920s is about to feature several Racino-based betting establishments, as the state’s lawmakers have now passed legislation to permit limited gambling.

The Cornhusker State – from which local college sports powerhouse Nebraska gets its nickname – ended up mired in controversy and argument, but ultimately a compromise was struck and the way forward is now clear.

The net result, however, is still no sports betting just yet, though that will of course change soon.

Nebraska betting legislation permits the following types of operators:

  • Racinos

Restrictions apply to betting on in-state collegiate athletics

Is Sports Betting Legal in Nebraska?

While pro-sports betting legislation has now been passed, some hurdles remain. Market launch, as well as specific regulatory details are yet to be determined, so it’s likely to take awhile yet before Nebraskans are able to sate their betting urges.

Legal Sports Betting near Nebraska

Just because sports betting isn’t legal yet in Nebraska, it doesn’t mean you are completely without options. Your ability to bet is mostly based on location, not residency. So if you are willing to travel, there are work-arounds. Here are the current ones:

Colorado: Unsurprisingly, Colorado embraced sports betting and has a very healthy market potential. You can bet as long as you are in the state, have a US Social Security number and you are over 21 years old. There are plenty of options, both in person and online and mobile.

Iowa: Iowa has both in-person and mobile options. The good news is that you no longer have to register in person at a licensed outlet. You can do that from anywhere in-state. Legal age is 21.

NB: South Dakota has voted (on a limited level) to legalize sports betting but has not rolled out legislation yet. Wyoming and Kansas meanwhile are expected to open up soon.

Are Offshore Sportsbooks Legal in Nebraska?

While signing up to play with offshore sportsbooks might seem like a simple and pretty tempting option, there is almost always a catch.

Offshore sportsbooks are not legal in Nebraska, or any other state in the union. They have no license to take bets in the United States.

If you do sign up you have no consumer protection. If you win and the sportsbook won’t pay for example, not a good situation.