UFC Betting

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) stages enormous pay-per-view events which also drive big betting dollars.

Mixed Martial Arts has come from nowhere in recent years to really challenge boxing and wrestling as the most followed combat sport in the U.S. And with president Dana White heading up the front office, it has become a multi-billion dollar behemoth.

UFC has stolen a march on boxing partly because it controls its own destiny. There are 12 weight classes (eight for men, four for women) with only one champion in each. This means the best mostly fight the best. Compare that to boxing and its endless alphabet bodies and titles.

More than 500 events in, UFC is now responsible for some of the most-hyped PPV productions of all-time. Irish superstar Conor McGregor has really crossed over into the mainstream – delivering more than 4m buys when he tried his hand at boxing against Floyd Mayweather Jr. Ronda Rousey was a UFC megastar before her move to wrestling.

More recently, Russian great Khabib Nurmagomedov staked a claim to being the sport’s P4P king before he retired in 2020.

The big UFC shows create tremendous interest, and MMA just gets stronger and stronger. With sports betting still in its infancy in the U.S, gambling on combat sports is almost certain to be a huge deal in the coming years.

Is betting on UFC legal?

Absolutely – as long as the state you are currently in has legalized sports betting. Since 2018, states have been allowed to make its own decisions on gambling.

Many have already given the green light – good news for you – and rolled out sports betting, and several more are in the process of doing so.

Our state-by-state guides give you the status as the situation evolves fast. Check them out to get a handle on where you can bet on UFC fight night, and how.

UFC picks and best bets

If you want to bet on UFC fights, check out free picks from experts ahead of fight night.

Most analysts and writers make picks for a big fight. Some betting sites will also post the records of their writers. So you can decide if they are worth trusting!

UFC betting odds and fight lines

Most sportsbooks offer UFC odds on all the major fights. You can either bet straight up on the money line, or go for a more exotic selection like the winning method.

There are also a ton of prop (proposition bets), side wagers which can be a lot of fun.

When it’s fight week, check out all the sportsbooks to see what odds and lines they are carrying.

UFC money line

Money line betting on UFC is simple – you are betting on a fighter to win the bout – nothing more, nothing less. 

Example: Conor McGregor is fighting Dustin Poirier. McGregor is -155, Poirier is +225

  • You bet McGregor, you make $100 for every $155 you bet
  • You bet Poirier, you make $225 for every $100 you bet

Always shop around the various sportsbooks to grab the best odds available.

UFC winning method

If you want better odds for your UFC picks, bet on how they win their fight. Harder to hit on, but a bigger payoff. Outcomes are:

  • By KO, TKO or DQ (Disqualification)
  • By Submission
  • By Decision (points) or Technical Decision

UFC prop bets and parlays

There are a ton of other options when betting on UFC, and the cuter you get the bigger you can win. UFC props (proposition bets) or side wagers include:

  • Round betting: A fighter to win in a certain round or the fight to end in a certain round
  • Fight to go the distance: Bet on the fight lasting the full distance
  • A parlay on a fighter to win by a specific method in a specific round
  • Points Handicap: A fighter to win by more than a specific number of rounds on points

UFC betting total rounds

Total rounds betting in UFC is like football’s over/under. The sportsbook sets a line on how long it thinks a fight will last. You bet longer (the over) or shorter (the under).:

Example: Ronda Rousey is fighting Holly Holm. The line for total rounds is 2.5.

  • If you bet the over, the fight must go 2.5 rounds or more for you to win
  • If you bet the under, the fight must end in less than 2.5 rounds or less for you to win

Always check out your sportsbook’s rules on bets like this. They can be different and you should find out up front what you need to win!

UFC futures

If you put your dollars in a bank, you wait a while to get some interest. You can do pretty much the same with futures betting – just with better odds!

Futures, as the name suggests, mean you are betting on something happening not today or tomorrow, but potentially a year away.

You can bet on a fighter to become a UFC champion before a specific date. It may take a while, and not as safe as the bank. But likely a better rate of interest….

Live in-play UFC betting

If you’re watching the fights on TV and want to bet, you can do.

Many sportsbooks offer live in-play betting, which is really popular.

The odds change all the time based on how the fight is going, and it’s a fun way to get involved.

Best UFC betting: Which sportsbooks should I bet with?

There are a ton of options when it comes to UFC betting.

Online sportsbooks all offer different lines and odds, and they all carry great sign-up offers. Look around to find the best offers (often hundreds of dollars in free bets), then sign up and deposit your cash. Then you are ready to bet.

And remember, you can open accounts with multiple sportsbooks. This allows you to choose the best odds available when you have decided which fighter you are betting on…

Always always shop around. Sportsbooks are desperate for your business. Jump on that.