What is Draw No Bet in soccer? Here’s how it works

What Is Draw No Bet In Soccer

What is Draw No Bet in Soccer? As ever folks, we are here to furnish you with the intel you need to take on those mighty online bookmakers. So here goes.

Draw No Bet originated in Europe – no surprise there given that’s the biggest region for soccer betting in the whole wide world.

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Since legalized sports betting opened up the U.S. in 2018, a lot of this European terminology and bet options have made their way across the Atlantic. This is just another, and here’s how it works.

How does Draw No Bet work?

Normally when you place a money line bet on a soccer game, you have three options:

  • You bet the home team to win
  • You bet the road/away team to win
  • You bet the Draw (better known here as the Tie)

So this is unlike say betting on the NFL, where you are just betting on one of the two teams to win – the Tie option is not really that relevant. But in soccer the Draw/Tie happens a lot. A helluva lot.

Basically if there is a Draw No Bet line and you want to be place a wager on it, you bet one of the two teams. But here’s the wrinkle – if the game ends in a Draw/Tie you get your money back.

So in Draw No Bet you are essentially betting one of the three options in a soccer game, with a saver bet on another.

Is Draw No Bet worse odds?

Okay, so you don’t get anything for nothing in today’s world. And btw, have you ever seen a penniless bookmaker?

So the deal with Draw No Bet is that while those kindly sportsbooks give you your cash back if the game ends in a Draw, you’ll also have to accept worse odds if your team wins. You cannot have things both ways people.

What is the difference between double chance and draw no bet?

In Draw No Bet you are effectively ruling out one of the three options in a money line bet on a soccer game. If it happens you get your cash back. On Double Chance though, you are actually coupling two of the options. So if Liverpool is playing Real Madrid and you bet Liverpool and the Draw on the Double Chance line, the only way you lose is if Madrid wins. Again, you’ll have to take lower odds as your percentage chance of winning is way higher than a single option bet.

Is draw no bet a push?

If the game ends in a Draw then yes, technically it’s a push as you get your stake money returned.