Brooks vs Bryson: ‘The Match’ is finally on folks!

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So Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau are finally gonna settle their beef on a golf course and without boxing gloves – it had to happen and they are the matchup for ‘The Match’ on Friday November 26.

The showdown golf fans (and Twitterati) have been waiting for was announced Wednesday, with the duo slated to clash at Wynn Golf Club in Las Vegas the day after Thanksgiving.

The two parody rivals played up to the general hilarity after the announcement, with Koepka tweeting “does this mean we’re having Friendsgiving?’. DeChambeau meanwhile said: “Finally what the world has been waiting to see.”

We expected these guys to end their beef at some stage, and maybe they do it here. With a sackful of dollars involved – pretty predictable tbh. The whole thing has been promoted perfectly – some boxing guys could take note.

Brooks vs Bryson, when and were?

This is the fifth edition of ‘The Match’ – remember only in July we had Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady involved along with DeChambeau and living legend Phil Mickelson.

Koepka vs DeChambeau will be a 12-hole contest, not 18, and it will start at 4pm ET (1pm PT) on Friday November 26. It will air on TNT, TBS, TruTV and HLN.

Brooks and Bryson, what’s the beef?

So why don’t they like each other? Well it apparently started a couple of years ago when Koepka made an issue out of DeChambeau’s slow play.

But the crowning moment came in May at the PGA Championship when a certain video blew up Twitter – well at least in golf terms it did.

In the video Koepka is being interviewed, and when DeChambeau walks past in the background ‘Brooksy’ just cannot hide his feelings. Terrific stuff.

We’d drop the exact very same clip right here in this article, but the copyright owner appears to have gone on an absolute tear to get it removed from everywhere on Twitter. Grim stuff.

What are the betting odds for ‘The Match’?

No major online sportsbooks are offering odds just yet, but we expect them to be available in the next 24 hours so stay tuned and we’ll post them here. We expect it to be pretty tight/pick ’em territory so the props will likely be the most interesting play.

How to bet on golf

Pretty simple if you are betting the money line people. That’s a straight up bet with no spread involved.

So for example, Brooks is -120 and Bryson is +110.

  • If you bet Brooks you’ll need to bet $120 to win $100
  • You bet Bryson, you’ll win $110 for every $100 you bet

A ton of sportsbooks will have prop bets (proposition bets) about anything other than the result of ‘The Match’ – it could be whether these two will actually shake hands or not.

‘The Match’ betting offers

If you are looking to get involved in ‘The Match’ from a betting perspective, look out for the inevitable slew of special offers.

This can be anything from a sweet signup bonus if you’re a new sportsbook customer, to boosted odds if you’re an existing player.

Check back in the countdown to November 26 and we’ll pass on the best offers and bonuses right here.