F1 odds 2021: Hamilton fury as Max retakes lead

F1 Odds

Max Verstappen is still on top in the F1 title betting odds for 2021, and he also heads the championship standings again after Sunday’s Turkish Grand Prix in Istanbul.

The Dutchman knew he was in pretty good shape after Lewis Hamilton was handed a 10-place grid penalty for taking a new ICE ahead of the race in Turkey. Max came home second while Hamilton finished a furious fifth after a late decision to pit him for new tyres by the Mercedes team saw him drop from third.

The online bookmakers have been changing up their odds pretty much every weekend for the last three months – the entertainment has been sensational and the results – well, often they’ve been head scratchers.

This epic title race goes on, and it is coming to our shores next for the 2021 United States Grand Prix, and here is the very latest from a betting perspective.

F1 Odds 2021: Drivers Championship

Verstappen now holds a six-point edge in the drivers’ standings after that Turkish swing (262.5 to 256.5), and he remains favorite, but only just.

Max is best odds of -159 – remember, that means you bet $159 to win $100. Lewis meanwhile is now +130 (bet $100 to win $130). The difference between the two is wafer-thin.

Here are the current odds to become world drivers’ champion in 2021 (best odds, relevant sportsbook in brackets):

  • Max Verstappen (Red Bull): -159 (Resorts)
  • Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): +130 (bet365)
  • Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes): +50000 (Resorts)
  • Sergio Perez (Red Bull): +80000 (Resorts)

  • All odds correct and updated at 0900 ET on Monday October 11, 2021

F1 Odds 2021 Constructors Championship

Mercedes extended its lead in the constructor standings once again to 36 points over Red Bull (433.5 to 397.5). That was courtesy of Sunday’s win for Valtteri Bottas and fifth for Hamilton vs second for Verstappen and third for Sergio Perez.

Red Bull had been -500 when it led by 44 a few short weeks ago, but now everything has changed again and Mercedes is a -250 favorite.

The latest odds to be the top F1 team in 2021 are:

  • All odds correct and updated at 0900 ET on Monday October 11, 2021

Next F1 race: United States Grand Prix 2021

The next race is on our shores, and the race proper takes place at the Circuit Of The Americas (COTA) in Austin, Texas on Sunday October 24. Start time will be 2pm local time, 3pm Eastern Time, and the race will be televised live on ESPN.

If you look deeper than the finishing positions in Turkey, your takeaway would be that Mercedes has suddenly found new pace from somewhere and is now the team to beat (despite the standings and title odds).

It’s no surprise then that Hamilton is an early -135 favorite with Verstappen available at +130. Hamilton won this race four times in a row for Mercedes at COTA between 2014 and 2017, while Max has yet to top the podium in the U.S.

Best and latest odds from online sportsbooks for the United States Grand Prix are as follows:

  • -135 Lewis Hamilton (FanDuel)
  • +130 Max Verstappen (FanDuel)
  • +1600 Valtteri Bottas (FanDuel)
  • +1900 Sergio Perez (FanDuel)
  • +4200 Charles Leclerc (FanDuel)
  • +4200 Lando Norris (FanDuel)

  • All odds correct and updated at 0900 ET on Monday October 11, 2021

United States Grand Prix Picks 2021

Regular visitors to this page will we hope have bet our winning pick for Turkey – the +600 on Valtteri Bottas. We’ll back back during race week in Texas with more expert previews and predictions. Check back then.

What’s new in F1 in 2021?

Time absolutely does not stand still in F1. Every season drivers come in and go out, and teams change.

Here is a rundown on what’s different from 2020:


  • Racing Point has rebranded as Aston Martin
  • Renault has rebranded as Alpine


  • Sergio Perez joins Red Bull. Alex Albon loses his seat.
  • Sebastian Vettel leaves Ferrari for Aston Martin.
  • Carlos Sainz leaves McLaren for Ferrari.
  • Daniel Ricciardo joins McLaren.
  • Former two-time world champion Fernando Alonso is back – with Alpine.
  • Yuki Tsunoda joins AlphaTauri and Daniil Kvyat loses his seat.
  • Mick Schumacher (son of the great Michael Schumacher) and Nikita Mazepin are in at Haas.
  • Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen are both out at Haas.

F1 Calendar 2021: When and where does it happen?

After COVID-19 ravaged the 2020 season the calendar has a more normal feel to it for 2021 – at least right now. Qatar has been added to the schedule for November, and that should complete the list of races to come. Qatar will become a permanent fixture on the calendar from 2023 after signing a 10-year deal with F1.

Here is the full 2021 F1 calendar:

  • Bahrain Grand Prix (March 26-28)
  • Emilia Romagna Grand Prix (April 16-18)
  • Portuguese Grand Prix (April 30-May 2)
  • Spanish Grand Prix (May 7-9)
  • Monaco Grand Prix (May 20-23)
  • Azerbaijan Grand Prix (June 4-6)
  • French Grand Prix (June 18-20)
  • Styrian Grand Prix (June 25-27)
  • Austrian Grand Prix (July 2-4)
  • British Grand Prix (July 16-18)
  • Hungarian Grand Prix (July 30-August 1)
  • Belgian Grand Prix (August 27-29)
  • Dutch Grand Prix (September 3-5)
  • Italian Grand Prix (September 10-12)
  • Russian Grand Prix (September 24-26)
  • Turkish Grand Prix (October 8-10)
  • United States Grand Prix (October 22-24)
  • Mexican Grand Prix (November 5-7)
  • Brazilian Grand Prix (November 12-14)
  • Qatar Grand Prix (November 19-21)
  • Saudi Arabia Grand Prix (December 3-5)
  • Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (December 10-12)

F1 FAQ for 2021

Some of these questions might seem crazy, but they do get asked a lot. So here goes:

Is F1 rigged?

No, F1 is absolutely not rigged. Teams spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year to compete at the top. So Formula 1 betting is completely legit.

Can you bet on F1?

Absolutely, see above. The drivers and constructors F1 odds are the tip of the iceberg. There are a ton of prop bets available for each and every race too. For example which driver will leave the race first, and which one will drive the fastest lap. You can have a number of wagers to increase excitement during the race. Check out our full F1 betting guide.

Do long shots win in F1?

Not very often, but yes it can absolutely happen. Pierre Gasly was around +150000 when he claimed an astonishing victory at the Italian Grand Prix in 2020.

Is F1 still dangerous?

F1 remains extremely dangerous, despite incredible advances in safety.

Only one F1 driver has died in the last 25 years (Jules Bianchi sadly perishing after spending nine months in a coma following a horrible accident in Japan in October 2014). More recently Romain Grosjean somehow survived that fireball in Bahrain in 2020.

So yes, while safety has improved a ton in recent years, the dangers remain very very real.

Just because these incredible drivers make it look ridiculously easy for the most part, doesn’t mean that it is.

What does F1 mean?

F1 is short for Formula 1 – the highest class of single-seater racing sanctioned by the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile). There is also an F2 – a lower class – which drivers often race in before graduating to F1.

How does points scoring work in F1?

Drivers score points according to their finishing position in the race:

  • 1st: 25 points
  • 2nd: 18 points
  • 3rd: 15 points
  • 4th : 12 points
  • 5th: 10 points
  • 6th: 8 points
  • 7th: 6 points
  • 8th: 4 points
  • 9th: 2 points
  • 10th: 1 point

  • The driver recording the fastest lap of the race gets a bonus point.

How does F1 qualifying work?

Qualifying takes place over three short sessions on the Saturday afternoon of each race weekend. Drivers are ordered based on their fastest one lap in each session.

Qualifying Session 1: All 20 drivers compete. The fastest 15 go through to Q2. The slowest 5 go out.

Qualifying Session 2: The remaining 15 drivers compete. The top 10 go through to Q3. The slowest 5 go out.

Qualifying Session 3: The remaining 10 drivers compete for the first 10 positions on the grid for Sunday’s race. The fastest takes pole position.