PointsBet Brady boost is small but guaranteed

There is a mantra in life that if you do the small things right the big ones fall into place – that is why we are telling PointsBet customers to make sure they take the Tom Brady Booster this week.

Hey, this will only win you $10, but it is about as guaranteed as winning bets come. And it is available to all customers (not just newbies). Just for clarity, this wouldn’t be worth a sign-up – so our message is for existing customers.

Anyway here is the deal. If Brady throws for at least 1 (ONE) yard in Thursday’s kickoff opener against Dallas then PointsBet will double your $10 bet to $20. Simples.

As offers go it’s rock-solid. Heck we’d have bet hammered Tom Brady coming off that Super Bowl boat trip to throw for a yard against this Dallas defense. Last year it was historically bad remember, and Mike McCarthy is still the head coach.

How to get the Brady Booster offer

Like we said, PointsBet will double your money assuming Brady makes it to kickoff Thursday night. Here are the caveats:

  • You need to be old enough to bet…
  • Maximum bet is $10 (it will turn into $20 as if by magic)
  • You can find the Brady Booster in the PointsBet Booster Hub
  • You get the cash, no free bets people

Okay, so go bet, and your welcome. If you decide to buy a beer with your $10, make sure you raise the glass to us.