Blood money: The ghoulish Logan Paul betting line

Online bookmakers will take bets on just about anything to get your dollars, but where do we draw the line on what it’s acceptable to offer odds on?

Offshore outlet tested those boundaries Sunday by offering a pretty wild line on Sunday’s freak show in Miami between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul (8pm ET, 5pm PT). The line in question – where would Logan bleed from?

As props go, this might be the craziest (and most ghoulish) one we’ve seen. Your faithful fight analyst Stryker is a keen student and lover of the sweet science, and this one leaves a sour taste in his mouth.

Odds on Logan Paul to bleed

Betonline released a graphic on social media offering the following odds on where Logan might bleed from Sunday night:

  • +175 lip/mouth
  • +200 eye socket/brow
  • +250 nose
  • +400 ear
  • +500 anywhere below the neck
  • +500 anywhere else on head or neck
  • +600 cheek

We’ve seen just about everything this week so hell, why not throw in some crazy props about where a guy will bleed from.

Once we’ve gotten over the disappoinment at these odds being offered, we’d point out that most of them are never happening. It’s (allegedly) a boxing match not a cat fight.

Betonline scraped the barrel Sunday with its blood money Logan Paul betting line.

it’s clearly a desperate attempt by a sportsbook to make some money out of this freak show. It’s trending on Twitter so we should throw all our marketing might behind it, right? Wrong.

Only bet365 in terms of licensed sportsbooks is offering any odds on this thing – most other operators saw the light Wednesday when the rules for the ’bout’ were announced. No judges, no official winner, but knockouts still allowed at the discretion of the referee.

Celebrity fights – the grim reality

Stryker’s head – already a little fuzzy with his Sunday afternoon whisky (medicinal) – hurts when he looks at those rules and figures out how anybody can do anything but LOL when trying to understand what is going on.

Whatever happens though, people will still buy the fight (a crazy $49.99 on Showtime pay-per-view) because they wanna see Floyd – at long last – get his clock rung. It doesn’t matter what Stryker thinks.

Until somebody gets seriously hurts (we hope that never happens), this new craze of celebrities getting involved in proper fights will carry on. The craze will just grow bigger – Celebrity Deathmatch becoming reality 20 years after its prime.

Just one note before Stryker starts rocking back and forth in his chair again, Betonline operates offshore and therefore we don’t suggest you bet with it. We’re just shining a light on something we don’t much like. OddsCritic – it’s in the name.