AFC South Picks & Odds: It has to be Tennessee…

NFL Lines Week 1

Stryker Maguire normally hates seeing a ‘-‘ before his odds when it comes to NFL betting, but there are exceptions – like when he was putting together these AFC South picks for you.

Heading into the 2021 season things could not be clearer, you need to get your dollars and place them (responsibly) on the Tennessee Titans to win the division right now.

The way the NFL schedule works means that ‘-‘ number is only likely to get bigger in the coming weeks, so act before it does.

Of course we don’t expect you to just put your money down with no evidence, so here’s more on why you should.

Odds to win AFC South

Tennessee is favorite and rightly so. But the price is still pretty good from where we are sitting:

NB: Odds correct on Wednesday August 11, 2021

AFC South Analysis & Predictions

Tennessee Titans: All the Titans did in the offseason was make a helluva good football team even better.

  • Need a new wide receiver? Okay, how about you trade for future Hall of Famer Julio Jones.
  • Need a better pass rush? Hoover up former Pittsburgh beast Bud Dupree

The Titans look well rounded and really strong heading into 2021. The offense run by born-again QB Ryan Tannehill is one of the most balanced in the league and it should be even better with Jones operating on the other side from A.J. Brown. Then you factor in the fearsome Derrick Henry rumbling behind a fine line. The defense is acceptable and the team is really well coached under Mike Vrabel.

It’s simple – deal us in.

Indianapolis Colts: So according to online sportsbooks this division is still very much a two-horse race. Only thing is, we’re not so sure any more.

Indy gambled big time by putting the future of its franchise into the hands of failed Philly signal caller Carson Wentz. Well now Wentz – mentally broken last season – is physically broken too. Out for 5-12 weeks (what sorta time frame is that?) after foot surgery.

The Colts only have youngsters Jacob Eason and Sam Ehlinger along with the lamentable Brett Hundley behind Wentz – and for now it looks like Eason has the gig to lose.

Of course Indy could yet trade for a veteran signal caller with Nick Foles the likeliest option. Foles of course won a Super Bowl in Philly with now Colts HC Frank Reich.

Added to the Wentz woes, all-world G Quenton Nelson has somehow managed to sustain the same injury as Wentz, with the same surgery and same rehab time frame. Weird times in Indy.

The QB situation really bothers us, as does the schedule. The first five weeks for the Colts look like this:

  • vs Seattle
  • vs Los Angeles Rams
  • @ Tennessee Titans
  • @ Miami Dolphins
  • @ Baltimore Ravens

That my friends is the definition of brutal – four teams who could in theory appear in the Super Bowl (latest odds here) and the other (Miami) which should be pretty good in 2021. These Colts could easily be 0-5 and behind in the tie-breaker with Tennessee before they even trot out an acceptable answer at QB. Even if they do, they still could be 0-5!

And for these reasons, we are out. Love the roster, not the QB. And the QB is 9/10 of the law in this league.

Jacksonville Jaguars: Stryker loves him some great storylines, and there are a ton in Jacksonville right now.

Urban Meyer is finally taking a head coaching shot in the NFL while generational QB talent Trevor Lawrence landed with the Jags after the Jets even managed to suck at tanking in 2020.

Throw in a slice of Tim Tebow, trying to make the team as a tight end (Stryker is belly laughing rn) and it should be fun to see what happens.

Jokes aside, we expect Jacksonville to be significantly better than it was in 2020. 5 or 6 wins? Absolutely possible. But challenge for the division? Absolutely no way, at least a year away.

Houston Texans: Stryker winces every time he hears mention of the Houston Texans. A franchise in total disarray.

Houston had one of the best QBs in the NFL in 2020, having one of his best seasons. And it still finished 4-12. That should tell you the extent of the problems.

Well Houston promises to be even worse this season. Deshaun Watson is stood on the sidelines right now – he wants to be traded and he has a ton of sexual harassment allegations against him off the field. That is some sorry mess.

The only questions really when it comes to the Texas are:

  • Will they get the first pick in the 2022 Draft?
  • Will they go 0-17?

That’s how bad things are in the great state of Texas…

AFC East Picks

It’s pretty clear, there is only one way to win here, but it is a pretty good way. Ya gotta bet Tennessee, and now.

That brutal schedule Indy faces to open the season means this division could be done with as a betting proposition by Week 4.

Take the -119 (bet $119 to win $100) about the Titans straight away, enjoy your football in peace for the next four months and collect your loot in January.

You’re welcome…

OddsCritic Pick: Tennessee Titans to win the AFC South at -119 (Resorts).