Folks are betting Logan Paul to BEAT Mayweather

Okay this is getting really crazy now – in fact it’s f***ing nuts – but people are actually betting Logan Paul TO BEAT Floyd Mayweather Jr in their June 6 showdown in Miami.

‘Money’ retired from professional boxing (again) in 2017 with a perfect 50-0 record and a stellar resume, including some of the sport’s biggest names in the last 25 years. Forgetting Conor McGregor.

So when he signed up to face YouTuber Logan (also brother of Jake) in an eight-round exhibition bout at Hard Rock Stadium, most of us fight geeks just groaned. A grim night for boxing and even worse for boxing betting.

Another Floyd payday

Floyd being Floyd, trying to make another fat purse off fans who want to see him get his clock rung. There is literally nobody better at it. This time the angle was that Floyd is old (he’s now 44), Logan is young (he’s 26) and there is about a 50lbs weight difference between the pair.

So maybe, just maybe, Logan will land that lucky punch, knock Floyd into next week and create an upset for the ages.

So we figured a few people might bet on this thing, heck a few might even see (correctly) the opportunity to enjoy better interest rates than a bank will ever give. Bet365 makes ‘Money’ a -1600 shot. Still 6% interest and you get paid out pronto.

And we were right, some people are taking the odds on Mayweather, but the shocking thing is that even more are putting down their dollars on Logan Paul – who is so short at +700 than we can hardly control our urge to LOL. Awful value people.

Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather Betting

Per odds comparison website Oddschecker, 56% of bets so far have been on the man with the 0-1 professional record (that loss came against a fellow YouTuber). Not the one with the 50-0 ledger including a string of Hall of Fame fighters. Only 44% of people are betting potentially THE BEST EVER to lace them up.

Whatever happens June 6, these stats show that Floyd has already won. His modus operandi has always been to make the crowd hate him, want to see him get beat. And to think the other guy somehow has a chance. It’s clearly working again.

Mayweather Jr didn’t make all those billions from pay-per-view revenue because he was exciting to watch. He made it for the above reasons – and being great at knowing WHEN to fight people. Even aged 44, there is no bad time to fight a novice YouTuber.

Come Sunday June 6 a ton of kids who love YouTubers will borrow Daddy’s credit card to shell out $49.95 for the Showtime PPV. And a ton of older boxing fans who said they would not do this, will do the same (without Daddy’s credit card).

As ever, Floyd wins inside the ring, and outside. That’s why. love him or hate him, he’s so great.