Super Bowl Prop Bets: MVP, coin toss and betting FAQ

So the matchup is set as the Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams prepare to lock horns at SoFi Stadium on Sunday February 13 and Super Bowl prop bets are about to go wild people.

Joe Burrow vs Matthew Stafford, Ja’Marr Chase vs Cooper Kupp – we have terrific talents and battles everywhere on the field for the game that stops America.

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The result of the big game is a big deal, but there are hundreds of other bets that make Super Bowl Sunday a whole lot of fun. And we are hear from you to help you navigate the choppy waters.

During the countdown to kickoff we’ll keep you up to date with some of the best markets, and we also have a ton of free and expert predictions and best bets for you.

Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

Where to start, well actually we know exactly where – here are some of the best prop lines out there right now:

Super Bowl MVP Odds

One of the most high-profile props and these days weighted massively in favor of quarterbacks. Just like everything in football.

7 of the last 10 winners have been QBs, and 31 of 55 overall have played the game’s most important position. With rule changes recently the probability of a QB winning is enormous.

If you don’t like the QB and you want better odds (the odds are really good if you pick another position) then RB and WR are next best with 7 MVP awards each during the 55-year history of the big game.

Matthew Stafford (+145) and Joe Burrow (+235) currently head the way to win MVP at Super Bowl LVI.

Coin Toss Odds & Probability

Crazy right? That people would bet on the toss of a coin. Not so, they’ve been doing it for centuries, right back to ancient Rome.

Sunday Feb 13 will be no different as this literal 50/50 shot has thousands of bettors putting dollars down on which way it will fall.

Btw, the coin toss does have some interesting stats when it comes to actually winning the game – and it aint good for the winner.

The last seven teams to win the Super Bowl coin toss have gone on to lose the game, and 31 of 55 overall have fallen at the final hurdle.

As for the handle in terms of bet percentage, it generally nets out around 52 percent for tails and 48 percent for heads. Why? We have no idea, but that info is per FOX Bet sports trader AJ Devine.

If you want the exact stats on how the coin has fallen so far, it’s 29-26 in favor of tails. Pretty close, exactly what you’d expect in a pick em affair.

Coin toss odds with Unibet are as follows:


As you can see, sportsbooks build in a small margin for profit (that’s why you only get -103). Aka it is difficult for a book to lose overall if the handle is just about split.

Touchdown Props: First & Anytime

Really fun bet this, and one we will definite have predictions for closer to kickoff.

For First Touchdown you are betting on which player will score the first TD in the game. Doesn’t matter when or how, as long as they are the first.

If you bet on the Anytime Touchdown line you are betting that your selected player will find the endzone at any time during the game. So even garbage time pays – boy do we love us some garbage time.

Remember that First Touchdown has way better odds than Anytime Touchdown, but the latter comes with significantly less risk. Bet accordingly people.

Player Passing

Another nice Super Bowl prop which will be pretty close to having 60-minute interest for you. The sportsbook sets a line on what it things a player will pass for in terms of yards. Very much based on previous stats and this matchup. Obviously almost always based on a quarterback.

You bet either Over or Under (you may get slightly different odds for each) and then sit back and root for him to have a big day or a bad one. Depending on your selection.

There are also bets on the number of times a player will throw the ball during a game (pass attempts) and the amount of completions a player will have.

Player Receiving

Normally there are two options here – the number of receptions a player has or the number of receiving yards they rack up.

Again the sportsbook will set a line and offer odds for either Over or Under. Take your pick, decide how much you want to stake and you are good to go.

This is a bet we really like btw – often has interest for most of the game and even in garbage time you can win…

Player Rushing

Generally there is one main option here – how much yards a player will rush for. The number of carries is not a big deal though in Super Bowl VLI somebody will surely offer that outcome as a line.

Again the sportsbook will set a line and you pick either Over or Under and take the odds offered.

Game Props: Team Totals & More

There are a ton of options in this category, normally based around what a team will do and how many times something happens in the whole game.

For instance you get bet on which team will get to a certain number of points first – 15,20,25,30 etc – a fun bet.

Also you can bet on which team will score first, and what that score will be. Touchdown, field goal or safety.

Fun Super Bowl Prop Bets

There’s some crazy stuff out there, from the coin toss (see above) right through to the length of the national anthem. In short they are all fun, but we prefer the ones that last the entire game, or at least a good part of it.

Your coin toss experience lasts about a second, and the national anthem a few short minutes…

Super 6 game for Super Bowl LVI

Yep, FOX Bet is running a special edition of its wildly successful Super 6 game for Super Bowl LVI – even though FOX does not have the broadcast rights to the big game (NBC has the honor at SoFi).

All you need to do is download the Super 6 app and sign up for an account. Then you’ll be asked to guess the answer to six questions related to the Super Bowl game. If you get all six you win the jackpot prize.

As yet, we don’t know exactly how much the prize will be – it’s a StackTheCash came which means the more people that enter, the bigger the prize. It was around $300K for the NFC Championship game.

More than $6million has already been won, so nice way to really add some interest to your Super Bowl Sunday.

What are Super Bowl prop bets?

Basically a prop (proposition) is anything except the actual result of the game. So the money line and the spread are not in play here. It can be anything from the coin toss, to who scores the first touchdown, to how long the national anthem lasts. Literally, just about anything.

How many Super Bowl prop bets are there?

Literally hundreds. Online sportsbooks fall over themselves to offer something that others don’t – so by gametime the choice out there is literally off the charts.

Are prop bets profitable?

Actually, they can be super profitable – if you are pretty disciplined in the way you go about it. You need to do some research or follow somebody who does. Looking at stats can mean the difference between winning and losing. If a player only gets 3 targets a game, betting him to have Over 6.5 receptions might not be a great idea. Also, only bet big on props which have some element of skill. Don’t go crazy on a coin toss for example – it’s a literally shut your eyes, 50/50 chance. Keep those sort of bets small and fun.

What is the best bet on the Super Bowl?

Hey, define best for the answer to this. There are a ton of fun bets and we love some of the ones which can have 60-minute interest like Anytime Touchdown. They give you a genuine chance of winning at slightly better odds than the spread or the moneyline etc. We’ll tell you which one is our favorite for Super Bowl LVI closer to gametime.

How do you do a prop bet?

It’s really really easy – and no different to any other bet. Just go to a sportsbook you are registered with, and check out the selection of props. Pick the line you like and then the bet/selection you like. Then decide how much you want to stake and place your bet. Then kick back with your popcorn and enjoy the game. If you are not registered with a sportsbook, there are a ton out there – all offering big-game bonuses for Super Bowl LVI. It would be rude not to get involved, but do it carefully. Never bet more than you can afford.