After a summer of rumors, Rodgers reports in GB

All is normal again in the NFL betting world after a summer of rumors, with Aaron Rodgers reporting to training camp in Green Bay.

The reigning league MVP has been at odds (no pun intended) with the Packers for the entire offseason. Rodgers, upset at the decision to draft his replacement Jordan Love in 2020, wanted a trade. The Pack would not budge.

Last week NFL betting lines were thrown into chaos on the back of rumors that Rodgers was about to retire from football.

PointsBet took evasive action Friday by taking down its over/under line on GB wins for 2021 after the reports spread like wildfire among NFL media types. An in a stunning turnaround, Minnesota was suddenly favorite to win the NFC North with most online bookmakers.

Rodgers hits camp

Within days though the situation changed again, with the Packers reportedly restructuring Rodgers’ contract to get to a scenario where 2021 is his last year in Green Bay.

On Tuesday the situation moved on again when Rodgers, who had not been involved in the offseason program so far, arrived at training camp.

Previous to Tuesday, Rodgers has done plenty of high-profile things this offseason, only none of them have anything to do with football.

  • He married movie star Shailene Woodley
  • He guest presented ‘Jeopardy’
  • He rocked up at the Kentucky Derby
  • He played in golf’s ‘The Match IV’

Trading Rodgers right now would have cost Green Bay in $38million over the next two years in dead cap money. That now won’t happen. As a result Green is bay at the head of the money line odds to win the NFC North division title again.

NFC North latest odds

As stated, the odds to win the NFC North have completely flipped again, with the Packers back on top.

Latest odds are as follows

  • DraftKIngs: -130 Green Bay, +210 Minnesota, +500 Chicago, +2800 Detroit
  • FanDuel: -155 Green Bay, +260 Minnesota, +460 Chicago, +2500 Detroit
  • William Hill: -150 Greey Bay, +250 Minnesota, +475 Chicago, +2500 Detroit
  • PointsBet: -140 Green Bay, +225 Minnesota, +500 Chicago, +2500 Detroit
  • Resorts: -132 Green Bay, +210 Minnesota, +500 Chicago, +2800 Detroit

NB: Odds correct at 1100 ET on Tuesday July 27

Green Bay, which finished 13-3 in 2020 and easily won the NFC North, lost to Tom Brady and Tampa Bay in the NFC Championship game. Rodgers has one just one Super Bowl since being drafted by the Packers and taking up the mantle of Lambeau starter from Brett Favre.

Much of the blame for that lack of more titles in Titletown is laid at the door of the front office.